picture of Dr. Dalia F. Amara

Dr. Dalia F. Amara

Dalia F. Amara is an Associate Professor in Tourism Studies and Event Management at the College of Management and Technology, Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, Alexandria, Egypt. Dr. Amara occupied several managerial academic positions at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport since 2013. Currently she is the President Assistant for Tourism Studies Affairs (AASTMT), and the Head of the Scientific Tourism Committee-General Secretariat-League of Arab States since October 2018.

Since 2021, she is the Team Officer - Google International Fund Program for Career Excellence – AASTMT with collaboration of the Arab Tourism Organization, the 3 phase’s project end mid-2023. She started her post at GSB as Assistant Dean (Director of the DBA program) in April 2018 till present. Since October 2013 till 2018, she was the Head of French Business administration program. In 2018, she was the Head of the Hotels and Tourism Department, College of Management and Technology. In June 2000, she obtained her B.Sc. in Tourism studies from the AASTMT. While working as a Graduate Teaching Assistant, she fulfilled her master degree in July 2004, from the Euro Arab Management School EAMS, Granada, Spain. Since then, she has been working as a full time lecturer at the Hotels and Tourism Department, AASTMT. She has been awarded her PhD degree in 2010 from the faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Helwan University, Egypt. In 2011, she joined Qatar University Project/ Research Team as Principal Investigator (PI), for the project entitled “Qatar Cultural andNatural Heritage: A Comprehensive Study to Preserve and Sustain Endangered Heritage Sites (I)”,submitted to QRNF. In November 2015, she has been awarded one month staff exchange research scholarship at Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK under the EU-METALIC II Project.

In November2017, she was accepted within the Erasmus+ International Credit Staff Mobility. She has a lot of independent readings in the area of Tourism Management, Event Management and Consumer Behavior and published work in various international conference proceedings as well as local and international academic journals. Her research areas are related to Tourism Development, Responsible Marketing and Sustainability, Event Management and Planning, Consumer Behavior in Tourism amongst other topics.