Take the Next Step in Your Nursing Career Through the RN to BSN Degree 

Working registered nurses (RNs) can take the next step in their career goals by pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing (BSN) at Marywood University in a program accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). We offer a special track of study, designed to meet your specific needs as you earn your RN to BSN degree and advance your professional goals.

Knowledgeable and involved faculty work closely with you in leading-edge scientific facilities at Marywood, presenting nursing research from around the globe and guiding you as you pursue opportunities in the local region for hands-on clinical experience.

Graduates of the nursing program who successfully pass the NCLEX licensure exam are prepared to practice in a variety of health care settings, including: critical care, community health, public health, primary care, acute care, long-term care, home health, and mental health care, as well as pharmaceutical and administrative settings.

  • Take the next step in your nursing career
  • Specially designed RN to BSN track of study
  • Highly credentialed faculty
  • Expand your professional practice opportunities

Top Employers

  • Hospitals
  • Clinical/Doctor's Office
  • Mental Health Office
  • School Districts

Top Career Paths

  • Registered Nurse
  • General/ Family Practitioner
  • Nursing Administrator
  • Nursing Educator

Dig Deeper Into the Program Details

Test Dates & Location

Starting September 2020 students have the ability to test remotely at their convenience.

Please see the Student Guide to NLN Testing as well the NLN Challenge Exams Information Sheet for how to sign up for exams. 

NOTE: students need to create a new account through the link listed on the Info Sheet. If you go not use that particular link we will not get your scores. 

**if you have any questions please contact the LPN to BSN coordinator, Dr. Kathleen Healy-Karabell at khealy-karabell@maryu.marywood.edu 

**Please note: when you complete an exam please email Ms. Notari and jnotari@maryu.marywood.edu to let her know you have completed an exam so she can pull the scores.

Students may only take each exam one time.

The following NLN Challenge test(s) are available:

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Nutrition
  • Microbiology

NLN Nursing Acceleration Challenges Exams:

  • NACE II Care of the Adult Client (passing score gives student credit for NURS350/NURS351)
  • NACE II Nursing Care of Child (passing score gives student credit for NURS 450A)
  • NACE II Nursing Care of Childbearing Family (passing scores gives students credit for NURS 450B).

Please see the Student Guide to NLN Testing Portal to create a new username, password, and to register for the appropriate test. Students may test remotely at home at their convenience. 

Students choosing to receive advanced standing credit for Chemistry need to visit the CLEP website. (Please note CLEP exams are not administered by Marywood University.)

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Center for Natural & Health Sciences

The Department of Nursing is located in the Center for Natural & Health Sciences. It is equipped with a state of the art simulation laboratory. It also houses the Comerford Theatre, which is one of the largest lecture halls on campus.

Clinical Simulation Lab

The use of SimMan and Vital Sim Models along with the newly purchased Nursing Anne and SimMom provides an opportunity to experience realistic clinical situations. The new skills lab is a state of the art facility that helps students establish fundamental critical thinking skills that can be applied in nursing practice.

Student Lounge

Within the sim lab, students have access to a student lounge where they can study and socialize and they have access to a microwave and refrigerator. Students can access the lab and the lounge with their Marywood ID card.  

Computer Lab

Students have access to a computer lab with up-to-date resources for academic development located right inside the Center for Natural & Health Sciences. Other computer labs are available across campus. 

Nursing Skills Lab

The Nursing Skills Lab in the Center for Natural and Health Sciences is equipped with patient simulators, Turning Point technology, and patient mannequins that afford students the opportunity to practice a range of nursing skills. This simulation lab offers students an environment to apply knowledge in a safe setting, fostering critical thinking. The simulators are programmed to respond physiologically to diseases, trauma, and interactions as human beings. Realistic patient scenarios can be simulated in a controlled environment in which students can practice the nursing process, critical thinking, and decision making.

The Nursing Department utilizes various healthcare facilities that include acute and critical care, pediatric, obstetrics, long term care, psychiatric and mental health, and community care settings. These facilities serve populations of culturally and ethnically diverse backgrounds, offering the students exposure to a microcosm of the larger global community in which they will practice after graduation.

Center for Natural and Health Sciences

206 Morgan Road
Map & Directions

The Center for Natural and Health Sciences contains various science laboratories, computer labs, the 100-seat Comerford Theatre, and various classrooms. Classrooms for our Math and Computer Science, Science, Nursing, and Public Administration programs are in this building.

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Science Center Classrooms

Map & Directions

The Center for Natural and Health Sciences contains classrooms for our Math and Computer Science, Science, Nursing, and Public Administration programs.

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Science Center Computer Labs

Map & Directions

Room 102, Room 103 (Science, Nursing, and Math/Computer Science Majors Only). Printer available.

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An affordable education is possible at Marywood. 


Tuition Fee:

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Nursing Student Responsibilities

Nursing students assume responsibility for:

  • skin test for tuberculosis; chest x-ray if necessary
  • other blood tests and immunizations required by clinical agencies
  • annual physical examination
  • current professional liability (malpractice) insurance
  • health and accident insurance
  • uniforms and uniform laundry
  • required current certification in basic life support for adults, children, and infants
  • transportation to and from clinical sites
  • urine drug testing
  • criminal background check (which may include FBI, Child Abuse, and state).

Additionally, Registered Nurses must provide proof of current licensure in the state of Pennsylvania.

Special Fees
In addition to tuition, nursing courses may carry fees related to commercial testing. Also, in the event of missed clinical days, there may be additional fees. Please reference the Nursing Department Undergraduate Nursing Student Handbook for explanation(s).

Student Rights
Students are encouraged to review their records at least annually. If a student disagrees with an academic decision, the University grievance procedure, published in the Marywood University Student Handbook, may be followed. Departmental grievance procedures are outlined in the Nursing Department Undergraduate Nursing Student Handbook.

Transfer Policy
Transfer students, from within or outside the University, are admitted to the Nursing Program in accordance with departmental admission criteria. Refer to the Table of Admission Requirements previously listed. Student transcripts will be evaluated on an individual basis by Marywood University’s Coordinator of Prior Learning Assessment.

Advanced Placement
The department is committed to multilevel entry points for Licensed Practical Nurses and for Registered Nurses.

Challenge examinations for L.P.N.s and R.N.s are available for credit and for advanced placement in certain Nursing courses and in other university courses. Credit and advanced placement may also be awarded without challenge following Pennsylvania articulation guidelines.

Students are responsible for obtaining advisement from Nursing faculty. They are also responsible for obtaining copies of the department policies pertaining to the examination process and procedures well in advance of the scheduled examination date.

Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, transfer students, part-time students, or students with broken enrollment may need to pursue a program slightly different from the established curriculum. Any exception to the stated curriculum can only be granted by prior written approval of the appropriate University official(s). Policies pertaining to these exceptions are published in the Nursing Department Undergraduate Nursing Student Handbook.

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