Amberly Warner, Class of 2013

Catching Up With Amberly Warner

What is your current employment?

As expected, I am currently a high school mathematics teacher. I work at East Stroudsburg High School North in the East Stroudsburg Area School District. I teach grades 9-12. Prior to being hired, I worked as a daily substitute for one year.

How did your math education at Marywood prepare you for your current job?

My math education at Marywood gave me an appreciation for mathematics and a strong foundational knowledge of the subject. Because of what I learned, I am able to help students tie together their mathematics experiences. Furthermore, I am confident that I will be able to answer any questions that my students may ask.

My math education also taught me the power of hard work and determination. My problem-solving skills grew exponentially while I learned of the importance of collaboration and teamwork. I stress these elements in my classroom and am able to confidently tell my students that these skills will be invaluable as they move forward with their education.

What are some of your favorite memories as a math / math secondary education major at Marywood?

Some of my favorite memories from my time as a math secondary education major are the experiences I had studied with my classmates. We formed a close group and somehow even studying for a final exam could turn into a review session full of laughs. I think that we practically took up residence in the tutoring center and classrooms in the math building during test time. Even now, I look back and am grateful that I went to small college where I was able to build such wonderful relationships with friends and professors.

I was also co-valedictorian of my graduating class. During my speech, I will never forget looking out at the audience. I could clearly see two of my math professors. The expressions on their faces made it clear that, aside from my parents, they were some of the proudest people in the room. In turn, it made me proud to represent the math department.