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Health Insurance

Waiver and Enrollment Deadlines

  • ANNUAL Enrollment Deadline: 9/15/22
  • SPRING Enrollment Deadline: 2/15/23 (for new incoming students only)
  • SUMMER Enrollment Deadline: 6/1/23 (for new incoming students only)

All full-time undergraduate, graduate, and international students are required to have health insurance. Students may waive coverage of the University Endorsed Plan if they are able to demonstrate proof of their own health insurance coverage. Students who need coverage must enroll by the deadline. Once enrolled, the insurance cards can be printed from the website.

Information on the University-endorsed insurance is also available on the First Student College Student Health Insurance website.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding coverage, please contact the insurance company. 


Any student enrolled in the University Sponsored Health Plan has access to FREE Medical & Behavioral/Mental telehealth service through HealthiestYOU.

(Fees associated for anyone outside of the health plan)

Clinical Services are offered throughout the Fall and Spring Semesters.

Office is open for appointments two weeks prior to start of the Fall Semester thru May.

Administrative Services are available year round.
Office is closed when campus is closed for holidays and inclement weather.
 After hours, students are referred to a local Hospital Emergency Department.

Student Health Services Forms

It Is The Law: The Pennsylvania State Legislature passed a meningitis vaccination law in 2002 pertaining to students residing in residence halls. This legislation requires that all students residing in a residence hall in Pennsylvania be vaccinated for meningococcal meningitis before moving onto a college campus unless they have signed a waiver after receiving information about the disease and the benefits of the vaccine.   

Please use The Student Health Portal for all other needs.

The Student Health Services staff's work is based on a comprehensive wellness philosophy.   

Medical services, health information, and counseling are available to all students. Primary care (assessment and treatment) and referrals to community physicians and to campus and community resources for health education and counseling are provided. Strict professional privacy and confidentiality standards are maintained.

Patient's Bill of Rights

A patient has the right:

  • To considerate and respectful care
  • To be treated with dignity
  • To health care that is accessible and meets professional standards, regardless of the setting
  • To appropriate privacy during examinations and treatments
  • To coordination and continuity of care
  • To expect that all communications and records pertaining to his/her care will be confidential
  • To have the opportunity to approve or refuse release of records
  • To informed participation in all decisions involving his/her health care
  • To information regarding time and services available as well as information regarding after hours and emergency care
  • To information about the names, qualifications and titles of personnel responsible for providing his/her health care
  • To refuse treatment to the extent permitted by law: to be informed of the medical consequences of his/her action
  • To be aware of means for expressing dissatisfaction with services and to make recommendations for improvement

Additional Policies & Laws

Health History Physical & Immunization

All undergraduate and graduate students are expected to submit a completed Health History Physical & Immunization Form to the Student Health Services Office. Students who choose to use the Health Center must complete a Health History, Physical, and Immunization Record before non-emergency services can be provided. Resident students who do not submit the completed forms may be required to live off campus. (Approved by the Board of Trustees 2000).


For information on the HIPAA Law please visit the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Medical Records Destruction

Students' medical records or any part thereof shall be destroyed by shredding, or other effective methods in keeping with the confidential nature of its contents. Destruction of such records must be made in the ordinary course of business.

Student Health Services is responsible for ensuring that the records have been properly destroyed.

Medical Records Retention

Pennsylvania rules and regulations pertaining to patients medical records, 49 Pa. Code § 16.95(e) (2008) and 28 Pa. Code § 115.23 (2008). Pennsylvania law requires physicians and hospitals to retain patient medical records for seven years from the last date of service or discharge. Records of minors must be kept for one year past the age of majority by physicians, and seven years past the age of majority by hospitals..

The Marywood University Student Health Services Policy is as follows:

  • Student Health Services does maintain health records for the duration of the student’s enrollment and for seven years beyond the date of graduation.  Records older than seven years are not available or retrievable.
  • Students who take a Leave of Absence: records shall be kept on file for seven years after the student either graduates or withdraws.
  • Students who Apply and Do Not Attend: records shall be kept on file for one year.

Medical Records Security

During hours of operation, Student Health Services is adequately staffed to safeguard records from unauthorized access.

After hours of operation, or when the department is unattended, medical records are secured under lock and key allowing only authorized personnel to the records.


Marywood University will no longer require that students show a negative COVID-19 viral test or documentation of recovery from COVID-19 before they arrive on campus. However, we strongly encourage the following recommendations. 

  • Vaccination is the leading prevention strategy to protect individuals from COVID-19. A growing body of evidence shows that people who are up to date with their vaccines are at substantially reduced risk of severe illness and death from COVID-19 compared with unvaccinated people. CDC recommends that all faculty, staff, and students should be vaccinated as soon as possible and remain up to date in their vaccinations, including receiving a booster when eligible.

  • Consider getting tested for current infection with a viral test as close to the time of arrival as possible (no more than 3 days) before travel.

  • At-home tests are acceptable. Students choosing to use at-home tests should do so either the morning of (before arrival) or 1 day prior to coming to campus to ensure the most up-to-date/accurate results possible. 

Do NOT travel to campus if…

On-Campus testing will be offered throughout the normal semester months to:

  • Students experiencing symptoms of COVID-like illness

  • Students identified as a close contact of infected individuals on or after day five (day five = five days post-exposure) or sooner if symptoms develop 

(Individuals with a confirmed COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2 infection in the last 90 days can refrain from testing)

If you have tested positive, please fill out the Student Contact Tracing Form to aid us in tracing your contacts.

Covid Resources

Alcohol Poisoning

Symptoms of alcohol poisoning:

  1. Person is unconscious or semi-unconscious and cannot be awakened. 

  2. Cold, clammy, pale or bluish skin.

  3. Check to see if breathing is slow, less than eight times per minute or irregular, with ten seconds or more between breaths.

  4. Vomiting while sleeping or passed out, and not waking up after vomiting.

What To Do: 

If a person has any of these symptoms, he or she is suffering from alcohol intoxication and you need to:

  1. Get help. Call someone a staff mentor, an ambulance, public safety, someone who can help.

  2. Do not leave the person alone. Turn the victim on his/her side to prevent choking in case of vomiting.

  3. Always be "better safe than sorry" if you are not sure what to do. How can your friend be angry about you caring for him or her?

First Aid

Flu Shot Locator

Healthy Eating

HIV/Aids Resources

Caring Communities

  • Our clinics are accepting walk-in patients for STI or HIV screening and testing. We still highly recommend making an appointment to ensure you can be seen on your chosen day.
  • Appointments can be made at or by calling 570-899-3536

JEWISH FAMILY SERVICES (HIV Counseling and Referral Services Only)

615 Jefferson Ave.
Scranton, PA

  • Individual & Family Counseling
  • Information & Referral Services Provided


    100 Lackawanna Ave
    Scranton, PA

    • Free Confidential or Anonymous Testing
    • Fourth Wednesday of every month from 9 a.m.. to 11:00 a.m.
    • No appointment necessary

    The Wright Center for Primary Care

    640 Madison Ave.
    Scranton, PA

    • Free Confidential HIV Testing
    • Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
    • No appointment necessary


      410 Olive Street
      Scranton, PA

      • Free, Confidential, and Anonymous HIV Testing
      • Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
      • No appointment necessary
      • After hours testing is available by appointment

      Kick The Habit

      Pregnancy Test

      For free pregnancy testing please call: 

      • Saint Joseph's Center: 570-963-1261 or 1-800-786-6346
      • Birthright of Scranton:  570-961-1133 

      STI/STD Testing

      For free STD testing please call: Maternal & Family Health Services, 640 Madison Ave, Scranton at 570-961-5550.

      Please call 570-348-6249 or stop in Student Health Services Office with any questions or concerns regarding STD's and testing. 

      Caring Communities

      • Our clinics are accepting walk-in patients for STI or HIV screening and testing. We still highly recommend making an appointment to ensure you can be seen on your chosen day.
      • Appointments can be made at or by calling 570-899-3536

      Counseling & Student Development Center


      • First Aid
      • Assessment - Diagnosis and Treatment
      • Liaison Between Community Health Agencies and Marywood Students
      • Non-Prescription Medications
      • Nutrition Counseling
        • Available free of charge by appointment only. Please call: 570-348-6249 or e-mail: for more information.
      • Physical Examinations (by appointment only)
        • Health Screenings
        • Tuberculosis Test
        • Weight Monitoring
        • Blood Pressure
      • Health Information
        • Health Promotion Programs
      • Medical Supplies (On loan basis)
        • Crutches
        • Heating Pads
        • Ice Packs
      • Allergy Injections
        • Allergy injections can be given during Physician hours only. Prior arrangements must be made by contacting Student Health Services at 570-348-6249. 

      Area Medical Facilities

      Helpful resources in the area for your health needs. 

      Coordinated Health Scranton Orthopedics                                                                              

      334 Main Street
      Dickson City, PA 18519                                                                                                            
      Phone 570-307-1767                                                                                                               

      Medicus Urgent Care 

      1208 O'Neill Highway
      Dunmore, PA

      Lake Scranton Urgent Care

      1141 Moosic Street, Suite 3

      Scranton, Pa 18508



      Geisinger Careworks

      3  W. Olive Street
      Scranton, PA

      Geisinger Careworks

      1020 Northern Blvd (located in Weis Market behind the Pharmacy)
      Clarks Summit, PA

      The Wright Center for Primary Care
      (Formerly the Scranton-Temple Health Center)

      640 Madison Ave.
      Scranton PA

      For a list of free clinics, call Student Health Services at 570-348-6249.

      Dr.John Evanish

      400 Wyoming Avenue
      Scranton, PA

      Dr. David Oven

      320 W. Drinker St
      Dunmore, PA 

      Health Network Laboratories

      Scranton Patient Service Center
      Electric City Plaza
      3 West Olive Street, Suite 2
      Scranton, PA 18508
      Phone: 570-909-9085


      521 Mt. Pleasant Drive
      Suite 202
      Scranton, PA

      Pennant Labs

      620 N. Blakely St.
      Dunmore, PA

      Quest Diagnostics 

      1612 Nay Aug Ave
      Scranton, PA

      Viemont Medical Labs

      Dunmore Shopping Center
      1204 O'Neill Hwy
      Dunmore, PA

      Lehigh Valley Hospital-Dickson City

      330 Main St
      Dickson City, PA 18519

      Moses Taylor Hospital

      700 Quincy Ave.
      Scranton, PA

      Regional Hospital of Scranton

      746 Jefferson Ave.
      Scranton, PA

      Geisinger-Community Medical Center

      1800 Mulberry St.
      Scranton, PA

      Geisinger Viewmont Imaging
      5 Morgan Hwy.
      Scranton, PA

      Moses Taylor Advanced Imaging

      1000 Meade St.,
      Scranton, PA

      Mid State Occupational
      1000 Meade Street
      Scranton, PA


      110 Green Ridge St.
      Scranton, PA
      329 S. Blakely St.
      Dunmore, PA

      DePietro's Pharmacy

      617 Third Street
      Dunmore, PA 18512

      Rite Aid

      217 S. Blakely St.
      Dunmore PA


      101 Green Ridge St.
      Scranton, PA

      Caresite Pharmacy

      125 Scranton-Pocono Hwy.
      Scranton, PA  18505

      Dr. Joseph Gershey

      1034 Main Street
      Dickson City, PA

      Eye Care Specialists

      425 Adams Ave.
      Scranton, PA

      Northeastern Eye Institute

      200 Mifflin Ave.
      Scranton, PA 

      Vision Care at Walmart

      900 Commerce Blvd
      Dickson City, PA

      Meet the Health Services Staff

      Stephanie Jennings
      Olivia Sheppard
      Maura K. Smith
      Jeanne Torony