The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) at Marywood University

The NSLS is the largest leadership honor society in the United States. Our NSLS chapter at Marywood University was started in 2017. Our local chapter is part of the national organization with 700+ chapters and over 1.4 million members. 

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Leadership Award Nominations

To nominate yourself, a student, a student organization, or the advisor of a student organization, submit this form.

Who can submit nominations? Any current Marywood student or faculty/staff member.

Nominations due by mid March. Questions? Contact Michael at

2022 Leadership Award Winners

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Leaderships Awards

This award is also open to coaches. If a coach is selected as the recipient, the award will say "Coach of the Year"

This recognition will be presented to the faculty/staff advisor of a recognized student club/organization or coach of a varsity sport who goes above and beyond for the group of students they advise or coach, has motivated the club or team to make positive contributions to the Marywood community, and supports and encourages them in whatever way they can. ​

2021: Mrs. Jessica Bodzio

2022: Mrs. Jessica Bodzio

This award will recognize an undergraduate student who has demonstrated outstanding leadership skills, possesses a strong sense of teamwork, and has displayed a profound dedication to the Marywood Athletics program. This student must be a well-rounded individual, balancing athletic involvement, academic achievement, and a strong moral character. The student must be a Varsity Athlete.

2021: Noah Schock

2022: Ciara Sharkey

The Community Service Award will be presented to an undergraduate student, graduate student, or student organization which best honors and supports Marywood’s core value of Service: a commitment to promoting social responsibility which fosters community engagement to meet real needs. Nominations must include specific examples of how the student/organization has benefited the community.

2021: Tiffini Kalt

2022: Sharra Walton

This recognition will be presented to the student organization, team, or University office which organized the most successful or impactful program during the current academic year. Programs which were philanthropic, awareness-raising, social, educational, diversity-based, or entertaining will all be considered. Nominations must clearly explain why the program was a success, what its purpose was, and its value to Marywood or the community.

2021: National Voter Registration Day

2022: Women of Color Traveling Museum

This award will recognize a Resident Assistant, undergraduate or graduate, who has role-modeled leadership, respect, teamwork, community building, and commitment to service to students. This student must also have demonstrated an ability to balance Resident Assistant roles and responsibilities with academic achievement and a strong moral character. 

2021: Zachary Penzone

2022: Juan Cardenas

This award will be presented to a recognized student organization who has made a positive impact on Marywood through their leadership, programming, service, or other activities. Nominations must include specific instances of how this club has benefitted the University, its students, and the community.

2021: Speech & Hearing Club

2022: Speech & Hearing Club

This award will recognize a graduate student who has made positive contributions to the University through leadership roles and involvement, mentoring, publishing work or presenting at conferences, community service, employment, or participation in professional associations.

2021: Jessica Kudera

2022: Jason Lee

This award will be presented to an undergraduate student who has completed 90 or more credits, and throughout their years at Marywood have proven themselves to be a capable and committed leader through their involvement, achievement, academics, service, and beyond.

2021: Lexi Palys

2022: Madison Howell

Pacer Pride Award

The Pacer Pride Award will be presented to an undergraduate student who demonstrates a strong love for Marywood in their everyday life, creates positive experiences for fellow students, participates in organizations, University events, or community outreach, and promotes the mission and values of the University.

2021: Caleb Bakalyar

2022: Matthew Kelly

This award is open to anyone on campus that brightens the day of everyone they come across, goes above and beyond to help others or be kind, and makes Marywood University a better place to learn, live, or work.

2021: Housekeeping Department

2022: Sr. Liz McGill, IHM

This award will be presented to an undergraduate or graduate student who embraces diversity and promotes inclusion and acceptance in their everyday life and interactions. The student will know what it means to be an ally to any marginalized community and use their voice to speak up for others. Overall, the student should exemplify Marywood’s core value of Respect: Honoring the uniqueness and dignity of each human person.

2021: Sandy Castillo

2022: Adrianna Vasquez & Jackson La Belle

This award will be presented to an undergraduate student who has completed less than 90 credits, and in their time at Marywood has already established themselves as a leader. This may have been achieved through involvement in student organizations, volunteer work, achievement in academics, or any other number of ways which can prove their potential and intent to continue to grow into an even stronger leader.

2021: Jessica Ramos

2022: Ela Buczek

This award will recognize a student veteran who has demonstrated exemplary leadership and academic abilities, a strong commitment to service, and who makes outreach to their fellow students a priority in their daily lives. ​

2021: Terry Werner

2022: Tyler McAlpine