Upper-Class Housing Selection

All Fall 2022 housing application deadlines have passed. If you were unable to complete a housing application, and anticipate you will be in need of on-campus housing for Fall 2022, please email the Housing and Residence Life office at reslife@marywood.edu and include any rooming preferences. Please note Housing and Residence Life may not be capable of honoring these preferences at this point in the housing selection process.

Please watch for Room Selecton Dates for the next academic year. Room Selection Information Sessions are offered during this process. Returning residential students choose from the followng housing options during the Room Selection process:

Madonna Hall:
Double rooms with suited bathrooms
Deluxe suites that contain two double rooms, living room, and bathroom

Regina Hall:
Single rooms with suited bathrooms
Single rooms that utilize floor bathrooms
Double rooms with suited bathrooms

Woodland Residences:
4-Person Apartments: Two double rooms, one and a half bathrooms, kitchen, living room, washer and dryer
5-Person Apartments: Two double rooms and one single room, two bathrooms, kitchen, living room (Laundry services are available in the Woodlands Community Room.)
10-Person Apartments: Five double rooms, five bathrooms, kitchen, living room, dishwasher, washer and dryer.

Housing Requirements

Policy: All unmarried, full-time students are required to reside in University housing during their first two years of enrollment unless they are at least 21 years of age, and/or living with their parent or guardians in their primary family homes, within a 50-mile radius of the University's campus.

Students who don’t participate in selection process, but are required to live on-campus will be notified of their assignment and meal plan at the conclusion of the housing selection process.

In order to participate in the housing selection process, students must do the following:

  • Read and electronically sign Housing Agreement
  • Attend an information session

Create a group to fill housing you want to select

  • 10-person Woodlands Apartment
  • 5-person Woodlands Apartment
  • 4-person Woodlands Apartment
  • 4-person Madonna Suite
  • 2-person group for 1⁄2 Madonna Suite

Students assigned to Loughran, Madonna, and Regina Halls are required to purchase a meal plan.

Students who are assigned to the Woodlands apartments are not required to select a meal plan.

Meal Plan Selection Agreement

Housing Selection Process

Returning Students Participating in Room Selection Process

In order to participate in the Room Selection Process, each returning student must:

  • Read and electronically sign the Housing Agreement Form
  • Attend an information session
  • Create a group to fill the housing you want to select and designate a group representative

REMINDER: Residential students are required to have a full-time, 12 or more credit, course load in order to move in to housing assignments.

The Fall Selection Process will take place in the following order:

  • Apartment Housing for Groups of 10: Applications due by April 4th
  • Apartment Housing for Groups of 5: Applications due by April 4th
  • Apartment Housing for Groups of 4: Applications due by April 11th
  • Madonna Suite Housing for Groups of 4: Applications due by April 11th
  • Madonna Roommate Housing for Groups of 2: Applications due by April 11th
  • Placement of individuals in apartments and Madonna Hall: completed week of April 18th
  • Placement of individuals in open spaces in Regina Hall: completed week of April 18th
  • Identify group leader or captain 
  • Submit the appropriate group housing application 
  • Woodlands Applications for 10 and 5-person apartments are due at 11:59pm on
    April 11th
  • Woodlands and Madonna applications for groups of 4 and Madonna 1⁄2 suites (2
    person group) due by 11:59 pm on April 18th 
  • Individual requests for open spaces are due by 11:59 on April 25th

Housing Selection FAQs

Yes, but they would still be considered a rising senior for selection.

Yes, but they should not be the group leader.

Yes, some students don’t know about program acceptance until the end of the semester. In this case, a student can participate and we will remove their assignment once they inform us of their abroad acceptance.

Although housing is guaranteed upon return, we can’t guarantee it will be in original assignment.

 Yes, an individual can be added to a group to select housing.

No, students must be full-time for the current spring 2022 to participate in selection.

No, students must be full-time for the current spring 2022 to participate in selection.

Since housing is offered in so many different configurations, we will work with groups individually to select placement.

If there are more groups than spaces, the following criteria would be considered:

Average class year of the group, submission date and time of application, and/or total number of completed credits.

No, students can’t keep the same housing from one year to the next.

Since all apartments and rooms must be vacated at the end of the academic year, groups can’t roll over their current assignments.

No, Madonna Hall and the Woodland Residences do not have any minimum requirements.

Please contact the Office of Disability Services at disabilityservices@marywood.edu.

April 2nd is the priority deadline for students requesting housing accommodations due to a documented disability.

Requests received after April 2nd will be considered; however, advance notice is preferred whenever possible in order to evaluate student requests thoroughly.

Visit Disability Services Website