The Marywood University Brand

A brand is the experience of a product, a company, or, in our case, an institution of higher learning. It’s what people think of us. Marywood’s brand is our reputation, our story, and our traditions lived out through those who have experienced our University.

Marywood’s brand reflects the charism of the IHM Sisters. It’s perhaps best understood through the Marywood Mission and Core Values.

Brand Standards

Brand assets are accessible to faculty and staff with a valid University email account.

For external permission or questions on using official Marywood University marks, contact Carrie Bowen Toomey, Art Director, at

Marywood University Brand Guidelines

Marywood University Athletics Guidelines

Our Pillars

  • Engage from Day One
  • Join a Welcoming and Supportive Community
  • Discover Your Passion and Realize Your Purpose
  • Be in Demand

Passion + Purpose from Day One

Marywood empowers students to discover their passion and realize their purpose.

Think of a place where you feel engaged and inspired from Day One.
A community that empowers you, because we respect you as an individual.
A campus at the crossroads of passion and purpose.
Visualize it.
Because it’s real, and it’s waiting for you.
Your talents. Your perspectives. Your dreams.
Your drive to make the world a better place.
You’ll help shape our culture.
While we help shape your future.
Our time is now.

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