Director, Marywood Alumni Board

Terms of Office

Determined by election (1-3 years. Please see MAA Bylaws for further description.)


A member of the Alumni Board of Directors is appointed to hold the position based on demonstrated involvement, support, and commitment to Marywood University and the Alumni Association. In accepting this three-year appointment, the member agrees to fulfill, to the best of their ability, the requirements and responsibilities associated with Board membership.

Time Commitment

Minimum of five Board meetings per year; minimum of one committee meeting per month/as scheduled (note: board meetings are typically held on Saturdays); and Alumni engagement events.

Major Responsibilities

A Director assists in leading the affairs of the Association through the activities of the Board of Directors and its Executive and Board Committees, and represents the Association to the University. This includes: representing all alumni, regardless of geographic location.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Know and follow the mission of Marywood and the Marywood Alumni Association
  • Attend and participate in all Board meetings (conference calling is available when needed)
  • Must be actively engaged during board meetings, providing feedback and willingly accepting tasks
  • Actively engage with other alumni in your geographic area
  • Serve on at least one committee and attend all committee meetings
  • Must remain actively engaged between meetings ,including responding to inquiries from the Alumni Office, attending university events when possible, and staying up-to-date on University news
  • Positively represent the Marywood University and the Association to the public
  • Keep informed about University issues as they affect the needs of alumni
  • Participate in financially supporting the University by contributing your meaningful and personal best amount to assist in reaching the goal of 100% board participation annually
  • Participate in alumni activities
  • Be familiar with the programs and activities sponsored, organized, and coordinated by the Office of Alumni Engagement.
  • Seek out and encourage talented alumni for volunteer roles
  • Exercise loyalty toward the University and confidentiality regarding its internal affairs