What You Need to Know

Learn How to Manage Your Account Features

HOW TO: Student Financial Services
HOW TO: Set Up E-Refunds
HOW TO: Set Up Proxy Access

» Sign on to Student Self Service.

» Select Student Finance.

» Make a Payment.

» Log into payment portal.

» Go to marywood.edu.

» Sign on to the MarywoodYou portal.

» Select Student Finance.

» Make a Payment.

» Click on Continue to Payment Center to access the TouchNet payment page.

» Log in

» Enroll in Payment Plan

» Go to marywood.edu.

» Click on Students.

» Click on Health and Safety.

» Click on Student Health Insurance.

» Click on Waiver.

» Click on Waive Now.

» Complete the process for waiving the student health insurance plan.

Please note that it will take at least 10 additional business days for the fee to be dropped from the student’s account. Check current account activity for this adjustment.

If the waiver process is not completed by the designated date (see Important Dates on the Cashier's website for exact date), the student will be covered by the First Risk Advisor Student Health Plan until the end of the academic year.

It is the student’s responsibility to complete the waiver process each year. The student health insurance charge will  remain on the student’s account and must be paid if the waiver process is not completed in a timely manner.

» Log in to GET Funds with the same credentials you use to log into MarywoodYOU. Verify your email information.

» Click Add Funds to deposit into your account.

» Check out Quick Links to add funds, add a credit card, report a lost card, or edit your contact information. Filling out the Ask For Funds section will provide a secure link for someone to deposit funds directly to your account.


» Go to the App Store and download the free GET App to use on your mobile device. Log in to GET Funds with the same credentials you use to log into MarywoodYOU.

» Sign on to the MarywoodYou portal.

» Select Student Finance

» Make a Payment.

» On right bar, select electronic funds.

» Go to marywood.edu.

» Sign on to the MarywoodYou Portal.

» Click on Tax Information.