Music, Theatre, and Dance

Marywood offers all the benefits of larger music and performance programs with greater flexibility. Whatever your goals in the performing arts fieldto perform, to teach, to heal, to manage, or some combination of theseyou'll have numerous opportunities to practice, learn, and collaborate from Day One. Our distinctive programs in Music, Theatre, and Dance embody the depth and rigor expected of conservatory programs, but in a welcoming atmosphere that embraces an ensemble philosophy and encourages collegiality and growth. Our highly credentialed, nationally and internationally acclaimed faculty are passionate about their craft and connected to their students. In fact, students support one another and work together, rather than competing against one another for performance opportunities. There are opportunities to perform locally, regionally, nationally, and globally.

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About The Music, Theatre, and Dance Department

Music and theatre programs have a rich history at Marywood. Since its founding in 1915, the University has continually renewed its commitment and support of students seeking performing arts degrees. Music education was one of the original degree programs in 1915, and the Marywood program in music therapy was groundbreaking when it started more than 40 years ago. Alongside degrees in music performance, theatre, musical theatre, and arts administration, we prepare our students to meet diverse needs of the 21st century as professional artists and leaders.

Music, Theatre, and Dance Faculty

Our highly credentialed, nationally and internationally acclaimed faculty are passionate about their craft and connected to their students.

Kathleen Amabile
Christian Appenheimer-Vaida
Janine Baux
Frank W. Carey Rmt-Bc
William G. Carter
Joseph Cole
Jennifer Cowgill
Dan Coyle
Jessica Dunleavy
Maria Fay
Paulette Gallo
Samantha Guevrekian
Mary Hanisch
Evan Harger
Dr. Rick Hoffenberg
Ryan Houser
Mary Hughes
David R. Jumper
Tara Kelly
David Kjar
Andrew Kolojejchick
Stephen Patrick Kurilla
Mark Laubach
Vincent Lorusso
Steven R Mathiesen
Erin McClelland
Sister Joan McCusker, IHM, Ph.D.
Leslie Mason Moran
Katie Morell
Antoinette Morrison
Cheryl A Mozdian
Carolann Page
Michael Parker
Sister Joan Paskert, IHM
Timothy Pyles
Erin Reese
Dr. Fred David Romines
Ellen Rutkowski
Diogo Salmeron Carvalho
Eun Suh
Sophie E. Till
Edward Wargo
Cristina Williams

Sette LaVerghetta Center for the Performing Arts:

  • 1,100-seat Munley Theatre
  • Black Box Theatre
  • Digital piano lab
  • 2 harpsichords and 2 harps
  • Extensive practice facilities
  • Complement of band and orchestra instruments
  • Multiple copies of orchestral scores
  • Choral music library
  • Vocal music library
  • Small library of reference books
  • Curriculum lab and learning centerM
  • 2 computer labs
  • Biofeedback lab
  • MIDI Creator equipment
  • Music Therapy Lab
  • Multiple organs
Marian Chapel at the Swartz Center for Spiritual Life
The Swartz Center for Spiritual Life features the beautiful Marian Chapel. In addition to liturgical celebrations, the Marian Chapel offers the Music, Theatre, and Dance Department an intimate 180-seat performing space. Completely renovated in 2007, the Marian Chapel (formerly the IHM Marian Convent), features a Peragallo pipe organ and 7-foot Steinway grand piano.

Instrumental Ensembles

Large orchestral ensemble; membership open to music majors, non-majors, and community volunteers. Permission of the Director is required for participation. All string music majors required to participate in orchestra.

Wind Symphony
The Wind Symphony is Marywood’s premiere large instrumental band ensemble and participation is required of all Marywood Music majors whose major performance medium (as determined by departmental acceptance audition) lies in the winds or percussion area. This group focuses on literature requiring large instrumental forces.

Wind Ensemble
The Wind Ensemble is Marywood’s premiere small instrumental ensemble and participation is required of all Marywood music instrumental majors, but welcomes other Marywood students via audition. The Wind Ensemble consists of woodwind, brass, and percussion players who perform pieces of various instrumentation and styles best suited for smaller and flexible instrumental forces. 

Jazz Ambassadors
Medium-size instrumental jazz ensemble; membership open to music majors and non-majors.

Tutti Ensemble
A student-run program that assists mentally or physically disabled clients to play music.

    Small Music Ensembles

    Woodwind Ensemble
    mall instrumental winds ensemble; open to woodwind majors and non-majors.

    Brass Ensemble
    Small instrumental brass ensemble; open to brass majors and non-majors.

    Percussion Ensemble
    Small instrumental percussion ensemble; open to percussion majors and non-majors.

    Chamber Music Ensembles
    Small instrumental groups focusing on the performance of classical chamber music repertoire for strings, winds, and piano.

    Guitar Ensemble
    Open to classical guitar majors and non-majors.

    Flute Ensemble
    Open to flute majors and non-majors.

    Theatre Ensemble

    Theatre Ensemble
    For main-stage and student-directed productions; consists of all theatre degree students as well as non-majors who wish to be involved in public performance. There are three main-stage productions each year, including Children's Theatre.Community-focused Ensembles

    Includes Junior and Senior Wind Band Celebrations (held annually for wind, brass, and percussion students in middle and high school) and String Celebration (held annually for string students in middle and high school; features a Senior Orchestra, Junior Orchestra, and Chamber Orchestra)

    String Project
    An after-school, pre-collegiate string program for students ages 7-18. Participants take small-group lessons in violin, viola, cello, and double bass; participate in orchestra; and perform in concerts. String Project participants are divided into three levels; beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Students are assigned to a group based on experience.

    Northeastern Youth Wind Ensemble
    The Northeastern Youth Wind Ensemble operates under the auspices of the Conn-Selmer Division of Education, headed by Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser and is hosted by Marywood University. Through this unique relationship, high school age performers work directly with esteemed conductors, educators, composers, and guest performing artists, thus providing an opportunity to experience music in a unique, rewarding, instructive and constructive environment. The Northeastern Youth Wind Ensemble membership, chosen through a process that currently involves director recommendations, is composed of wind and percussion performers from the public, private, parochial and home schools in the Northeastern Pennsylvania area and beyond. All members must be actively involved in their school music program and must be recommended by their music teacher.

    Music Education Club

    Music Therapy Club

    Marywood Players

    Chamber Singers

    Concert Choir

    Jazz Education Network

    Pi Kappa Lambda

    Swing Dancing Club

    General Guidelines for All Auditions

    During the audition process, there will be opportunities to perform for our audition committee and meet members of our faculty. Additional arrangements may be made to meet with academic advisors and current Marywood music and theatre students.