Impact: How Your Gift Helps

Mara Bennett '22

Mara Bennett '22

Mara Bennett ’22 is determined to give a voice to those who need help finding one.

Bennett, a speech-language pathology major, will not only help those with speech difficulties in her career; she has already given voice to several causes through her service at Marywood and beyond. As a Maxis-Gillet Scholar, service is at the core of who she is. 

Mara says scholarship support, amongst others, is an important factor in her attending Marywood.

“The scholarship support I receive from Marywood has impacted my ability to attend college. Marywood gave me the best package overall, which has provided me wonderful opportunities. As a Maxis-Gillet Scholar, I am part of a wonderful community that I will always be thankful for, ” said Bennett.

In addition to the financial assistance she received, Bennett was drawn to Marywood for several reasons.

“I chose Marywood because of the small class sizes, the welcoming and warm atmosphere, and the five-year Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) master’s program.”

Bennett has a pristine academic record in addition to her many hours of service. She is involved in Big Friends Little Friends, youth ministry, Agape Latte, The National Society of Leadership & Success, Marywood Service Programs, and NativityMiguel. Mara is proud of the success she’s attained in and out of the classroom.

“Since attending Marywood, I have seen myself grow and thrive in leadership and success. I have been on the Dean’s List for several semesters. My volunteer involvement on campus, around the community, and on service programs has had immense impact on my experience at Marywood. I am thankful and blessed to be part of these wonderful experiences that bring joy and purpose to my life. I have found lifelong friendships through my service involvement and through my cohort, especially.”

Those tight-knit bonds forged at Marywood have helped Bennett realize the power friendship and closeness can have on one’s personal development and the world.

“The greatest lesson that I have learned while attending Marywood is that we truly live in an interdependent world; we could not function on our own, and we need the lives of those around us to encourage growth and success. Through relationships, connections, and duties we are able to thrive as individuals and in a community. No person is lesser than another person. It is important to share passion, purpose, and love with one another.”

After her time at Marywood as an undergraduate student is complete, Mara has noble career and life goals.

“My goal is to become a Speech-Language Pathologist and live a life of purpose by helping, encouraging, and working with others. My passion will drive my success in the future. Happiness, love, and simplicity will be key components to fulfill my dreams in life.”

With all these accomplishments and goals in tow, Bennett is still aware of and thankful for the donor support that is helping her to chase her dreams and make the world a better place.

“Having financial assistance eases my stress, allowing me to focus and thrive on my education and other involvements on campus. Simply by having such donations, I am able to attend such a wonderful university.”

Mara Bennett will graduate in 2022, but still has a lot of good left to do right here at Marywood.