Office of Academic Success: Tutoring

Due to the COVID-19, Tutoring Sessions (Individual, Small group and Drop-in centers) will primarily be held via virtually (Google Meet, Google drive, Zoom, Team Viewer, Microsoft Team and email). We thank you for your patience.

Peer Tutoring resources might become limited. We suggest contacting your instructor as the first step in support.

study group in learning commons

Tutoring Services

Our tutors are here to guide you, provide study tips, and help you become a better learner. Tutoring is not a substitute for the professor's classroom instructions. It is a way for you to learn from your peers and better understand course material.


The Tutoring Center is located in the Learning Commons 264 


Monday - Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm with evening hours from 4:30pm - 8:30pm during Fall and Spring semesters.

Types of Tutoring

The Tutoring Center offers three types of tutoring:

  • Individual Tutoring
  • Small Group Tutoring
  • Tutoring Drop-In Center

If you need specific help in Math, Science, or Spanish check out the Drop-in Centers scheduled hours for support.