SSW Student Highlights

MSW Student Accomplishments

Four Scranton MSW students, Michael Carone, Rachel Orazzi, Stephanie Williams and Tiffany McCary are the recipients for the 2021-2022 Appleseed Partnership Foundation Scholarship. These students’ MSW program field practicum placements are: Michael Carone at the Volunteer of Medicine. Rachel Orazzi at PA Probation, Stephanie Williams at Reaching Beyond Limits and Tiffany McCary at Geisinger Wyoming Valley

Two Scranton MSW students, Daysi Carreto and Tabitha Dills are the 2021 Mrs. Angela Marie Hyo Jae Ryoo-Kim memorial scholarship recipients in the Scranton MSW program at Marywood University. Each will receive $ 2,000 and it could be used either for tuition or buying textbooks.

2021 Anthony Polizzi Medal for Scholarship and Community Service: Congratulations Audra & Lyndsey!

This is awarded to a graduating MSW who overall in the MSW program stands out in academically, Field, the social work profession and/or community. The award recognizes the student for outstanding educational performance and service in the field of Social Work. The award was established in 1972 by the SSW Student Association in memory of Anthony “Tony” Polizzi,’ 71 a graduate of the 1st MSW class.
Recipient:  Audra Nealon
Honorable Mention:  Lyndsey Cameron

2021 Albert Geffen Medal for Outstanding Performance in a Social Work Field Placement: Congratulations Dan & Quinn!

Each year, a graduating student is nominated by Liaisons and selected by Liaisons for the Albert Geffen Medal Award for outstanding performance in a Social Work Field Placement. These are the students whose passion for the profession shines through their Field work. 
Recipient: Daniel Phillips
Honorable Mention:  Quinn Marsola

2021 Jill S. Rouse Award & Marywood University Sister M. Eva Connors Peace Medal: Congratulations Irene!!

The Jill S. Rouse Award was established by her family and classmates in memory of Jill S. Rouse MSW ’13 to honor her commitment to advocacy and social justice in a variety of fields including veterans’ affairs, religious freedoms, and issues of equality. This annual award recognizes a graduating MSW student for exemplary field work with an emphasis on veterans and/or social justice issues.
Marywood University Sister M. Eva Connors Peace Medal was founded in honor of Sister M. Eva Connors, IHM.
Recipient: Irene Jagolowski                                                                         

2021 Kaitlyn A. Prislupsky Social Work Practice Award: Congratulations Michelle!

This Award was established in 2015 by her family in memory of Kaitlyn, who received her BSW from Marywood University in 2014 and an MSW in 2015 (posthumously). Kaitlyn unfortunately passed away shortly before graduation. She was an energetic and vibrant young woman with a passion for social work practice. Her family established the award to recognize a student who shared the same zest for social work as she did and demonstrates an interest in social work practice in the behavioral health field.
Recipient: Michelle Handy

2021 Elisa Kalwaytis Social Work Legacy Award: Congratulations Taylor!

This Award was established in 2004 by Mary S. and Andrew B. Yaniga in memory of their granddaughter, a graduate of both the Marywood BSW and MSW programs. This award is given to a graduating MSW student who also has a BSW degree to recognize outstanding academic and field achievement and a demonstrated commitment to Social Work practice.
Recipient: Taylor Williams

2021 Graduate Student Leadership Award:  Congratulations Jessica!

This award recognizes a graduate student who has made positive contributions to the University through leadership roles and involvement, mentoring, publishing work or presenting at conferences, community service, employment, or participation in professional associations.
Recipient: Jessica Kudera

2020 BSW Alpha Delta Mu Honor Society Inductees

2020 Alpha Delta Mu Honor Society Inductees Mr. Michael Carone Ms. Sandy Castillo  Ms. Laura McKaig Ms. Jessica Ramos  Ms. Simona Zambrano  Ms. Sandy Castillo – 2020 Honor Society Inductee Ms. Laura McKaig – 2020 Honor Society Inductee Ms. Jessica Ramos – 2020 Honor Society Inductee Ms. Simona Zambrano – 2020 Honor Society Inductee

2020 Outstanding Graduate Student Award

Congratulations Jennifer Melendez Moll, 2020 Marywood University Outstanding Graduate Student! Jennifer will be graduating from the Marywood Lehigh Valley MSW Program. We could not be prouder!!

2020 Sigma Zeta Honor Society Inductees

Sigma Zeta is Marywood University’s chapter of Phi Alpha, the National Social Work Honor Society.

The name, Phi Alpha, means “Love of Humanity.” The purpose of Phi Alpha Honor Society is to provide a closer bond among students of social work and promote humanitarian goals and ideas.

Our Sigma Zeta chapter came into being in the Spring of 2012 and we now have over 200 members.

Induction into Sigma Zeta is a high honor and demonstrates academic excellence and a commitment to Social Work’s core values. 

Irene D. Jaglowski
Jaron Ayers
Lisa Medvetz
Shashi KS DeHaan
Malayna Krum
Alisson Stauffer
Elizabeth Sanville
Emily Anne Matzinger
Emma Devon Gilson
Jenni Higgins
Kathryn Lynn Guarini
Lindsay Shepulski
Nicole Laura Lewis
Stephen Nesgoda
Michelle Handy
Katlyn M. Rowe
Kylie Andra Brancato
Laurie L. Halterman Rodas
Samantha Lynn Suranofsky
Steven A. Foster
Amanda Elena Irene Garcia
Briana Lee Williams
Jennifer Ann Andreoli
Nicole Hanusich
Sara Elizabeth Herr
Keely Seybold
Desere Faith Hazzard
Diana Henriques Nelson
Samantha Eden
Oliver Paulino
Daniel James Phillips
Corey McCann