School of Social Work Mission Statement

Mission of the School of Social Work

Informed by a Catholic tradition, as well as the University’s and  profession’s intersecting values, the Marywood University School of Social Work prepares a wide variety of beginning, career-changing and mid-career students at the generalist (BSW) and advanced (MSW) level to engage in competent, culturally responsive, and evidence-informed micro, mezzo, and macro level social work practice with diverse client systems. BSW and MSW graduates respond to the evolving needs of oppressed and marginalized populations in local, regional, national, and global communities, guided by a commitment to social and economic justice.

MSW Program Mission Statement

The Marywood University School of Social Work MSW Program, rooted in the University’s core values of Catholic Identity, Respect, Empowerment, Service and Excellence, is committed to an accessible education which prepares graduates for ethical, culturally responsive and evidence-informed professional practice. An Intersectional lens informs the development of inter-professional, collaborative services to all social systems, with particular attention to those who are oppressed and marginalized. The Concepts of Equity, Inclusion, Globalization, and Social, Economic and Environmental Justice provide foundations on which to create learning environments that value diversity and difference.

MSW Program Strategic Plan