SW 591/592 Foundation Field

First year Foundation Field requires a minimum of 440 hours. 

HIPAA Training Field Requirement

All Students must complete the Marywood University, College of Health and Human Services approved HIPAA Training: Due before beginning field placement. Students will not be allowed to begin in Field if they fail to complete the mandated training before their start date.

All students will be given 2 hours of Field for the course. You will list it as HIPAA Training on your 1st Activities Sheet (you will receive this during your field orientation). The course and completion of the quizzes will take between 1-2 hours.

The School of Social Work will be using the Information Privacy Security (IPS) course provided by the CITI Program. Below are directions to access and complete the program.

If you had Research at Marywood, you already have a CITI Account as you will have completed the CITI Research Training Course for your Research Class. If you have not done Research yet then you will need to create an account.

  1. Sign on to the CITI site at https://www.citiprogram.org/ . There is also a direct link to CITI Training from the Marywood Institutional Review Board

  2. Sign into your account. If you do not remember your username /password follow the directions to retrieve them.

  3. Once you have signed in click on the drop down Menu to Marywood University Courses. You will see listed the courses you have completed for Research.

  4. Below the courses you have completed go to the heading My Learner Tools Marywood University Click on Add a course.

  5. The next page says Select Curriculum Marywood University, skip questions 1-3 Scroll down to Question 4 Information Privacy Security (IPS) course.

  6. Select the 1st option CLINICIANS

    There will be a Four Module Information Privacy Security (IPS) Course

  7. Complete the Integrity Assurance Statement presented at the top after clicking the course title. The system will allow you to start taking the course modules after completing it.

  8. Complete the Required modules and associated quizzes.

    • Basics of Health Privacy

    • Health Privacy Issues for Clinicians

    • Basics of Information Security, Part 1

    • Basics of Information Security, Part 2

  9. When you complete all required modules successfully, Print or download a Completion Report as evidence that you have met the requirements. A report will also be sent automatically to Marywood when you complete the course. The College of Health and Human Services requires all students in Field settings to have completed the course before starting your field placement.

  10. Submit a copy of the Certificate to your Field Education Director for your Field File.