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Where are YOU Now?

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Faculty Spotlights

Dr. Deanne Dulik Garver

Photo of D. Garver in the lab

Three of Dr. Garver's honors organic chemistry students have studied the pharmacology of caffeine, the pharmacology of penicillin drugs, and HIV drug treatment options for patients in Kenya—and she sponsored another honors thesis student who studied recent advances in lead toxicity in children's drinking water.

Dr. Lisa Antoniacci

Demonstration of Nikon Fluorescent Microscope

Dr. Lisa Antoniacci’s research attempts to identify the molecular mechanisms involved in several processes related to the contents of a cell’s nucleus.

Student Spotlights

Sara Melick

Sarah Melick, student of Dr. Jay P. Clymer III, presents her graduate research “Effects of Acid Mine Drainage on the Catawissa Creek Watershed.”

Jordan Sheagley

Photo of Jordan at microscope

Jordan Sheagley, student of Dr. Christopher Brey, demonstrates his genetic research on introducing microRNA and plasmids into C. elegans nematodes.

Joshua Mecca

Photo of Jashua presenting his research

Joshua Mecca, graduate assistant, presents his research of “Ocean Acidification and How It Affects Algae Strains Due to Global Warming”.

Katrina Kincel

Photo of Katrina Kincel in lab

Katrina Kincel, student of Dr. Lisa Antoniacci, presents her research of "Sister Chromatid Cohesion in Yeast" with a focus on the histone variant Htz1.

Alumni Spotlights

Harold Shaw

Harold was recently inducted into the Marywood Hall of Fame and is currently enrolled as a Doctoral candidate in the University of Delaware's Educational Leadership program.

Captain Dustin O'Keefe

Photo of Dr. O'Keefe

An Officer and a Gentleman—and an ER Doc

Rebecca Ryals

Photo of Rebecca Ryals at Yosemite

“I am interested in finding creative ways to solve environmental problems. I really love teaching, and I want to teach good science that is going to influence environmental policy.”

Claudia Astorino

Photo of Claudia Astorino

Claudia's undergraduate education at Marywood focused more on molecular biology and genetics and now as a physical anthropologist she studies human bones and teeth to learn about how humans have evolved.

Anthony Rainey

Photo of Anthony Rainey

Anthony Rainey, B.S. Biology (2013), has been admitted to The Commonwealth Medical College M.D. program.

Matthew McDonnell

Photo of Matthew McDonnel in the lab

Matthew McDonnell, B.S. Biology (2012), has been admitted to the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Joshua Slee

Photo of Joshua Slee

Josh Slee, B.S. Biotechnology (2007) & M.S. Biotechnology (2008), has earned his Ph.D. from Lehigh University. He has accepted a postdoctoral position at the Children's Hospital in Philadelphia.