Psychology & Counseling: Admission Requirements

Master's Programs

Master's degree and certification students in Counseling or Psychology must meet the general graduate admission requirements. While a strong undergraduate background in psychology is preferred, capable students with coursework in general psychology, developmental psychology, and statistics will be considered. Additionally, degree applicants may be required to participate in an on-campus interview. No more than six credits earned prior to full admission may be applied to a degree in the Department of Psychology and Counseling.

Academic Advisement

The faculty of the Department of Psychology and Counseling believe that advisement is a critical component of graduate training. As such, faculty are available to students during posted times. While the student's advisor is an essential part of the student's progress throughout the program, students are reminded that it is the student's responsibility to schedule appointments, to register for courses in a timely manner and to submit various departmental and Graduate School forms (Candidacy, Comprehensive Exams, Professional Contribution, Internship and Graduation). Students should be very familiar with the Student Handbook and consult with their advisor on a regular basis.