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Higher Education Administration

Master of Science (MS) in Higher Education Administration

  • Preparation for administrative positions at colleges and universities
  • Courses delivered online
  • Focus on leadership

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Higher Education Administration at Marywood

Our fully online higher education administration program prepares students for positions as mid-level administrators at a variety of post-secondary institutions. We will teach you to be a critical, creative problem solver and provide broad based experiences in a variety of higher education administration contexts. You will learn to be a leader and be prepared to assume roles in schools that will showcase your gifts and talents.

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Tammy B.H. Brown, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Graduate Reading Program and ESL Program
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Graduate Admissions Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university
  • “B” average during undergraduate study or demonstrated potential for graduate work
  • Completed application
  • Essay
  • Official, sealed transcripts
  • Two or three letters of recommendation

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Master of Science in Higher Education Administration

36 semester hours

The Master of Science degree in Higher Education Administration prepares individuals for a variety of mid-level careers in public and private two-year colleges, four-year institutions, and universities. Examples of career opportunities include, but are not limited to, leadership positions in student services, enrollment management, institutional advancement, alumni affairs, and institutional research. The program of study is designed to include required core courses (12 credits) as well as a concentration (electives 24 credits). An internship adds practical experience to the learning process. In general, the curriculum is designed to provide students with the appropriate knowledge about the professional field and, at the same time, it grounds students in a theoretical framework necessary to guide current and future study and career development in higher education.

The M.S. in Higher Education Administration will focus on:

  • Demonstrating knowledge of the foundations and scope of higher education administration
  • Demonstrating knowledge of professional practice related to an academic enterprise that includes teaching, research, and service as primary components of productivity; management skills such as problem solving, planning, delegating, budgeting, fundraising, assessing, and evaluating; human relations skills that include managing interaction, communication, and contributing to organizational and individual development.


12 semester hours

EDUC 501 Research Theory
EDUC 502 Multidisciplinary Foundations of Education
EDUC 554 Contemporary Learning Theories
PSYC 514 Human Development


24 semester hours

HE 525 Student Issues in Higher Education
HE 530 College Finance Strategic Planning
HE 605 (EDUC 605) Theories of Educational Organizations
HE 609 Law and Public Policy in Higher Education
HE 640 Program Evaluation
COUN 505 Career Development
COUN 532 Multicultural Counseling
Approved elective that complements student career goals
up to 6 credits
HE 592 Internship in Higher Education
Full-time (300 hours) or Part-time[1.5 (150 hours), 1.5 (150 hours)].
Internships are available in the Fall and Spring semesters only.
HE 555 (EDUC 555) Professional Contribution