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Advancement in Lecturer Level Criteria

Policy Statement

Applications for advancement in Lecturer rank should be made after consultation with the department chair.  The criteria for advancement include the following:

  1. a master's degree as a minimum educational requirement, or in exceptional cases a special competency needed in a specific program;
  2. a minimum of 15 credit hours taught at Marywood University since the last advancement;
  3. at least four semesters of teaching completed at Marywood University; each summer session will be counted as one semester;
  4. demonstrated teaching ability - evidence should be provided by supplying copies of evaluations such as self, chair, peers, and students;
  5. service to the department, the college or the University by activities, such as

writing references for students,

developing new courses,

attending department meetings,

directing professional contributions or independent study,

correcting comprehensive examination,

attending or making presentations at professional meetings,

participating in continuing professional education,

other similar activities beyond regular teaching responsibilities.

Criteria related to No. 5 above may be completed in a narrative or outline form and should be documented where possible.  It should not include responsibilities for which other compensation is given.


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2006/07/01 - Publication of the Lecturers Handbook was discontinued.  The policy was placed in the Faculty Handbook.