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Ranked Faculty

Full-time faculty
members are those who by contract have a primary professional responsibility to the University; they are available to the University for academic assignment both on and off campus during day, evening, and weekend hours. A full-time faculty member holds one of the following ranks: Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor.

Pro-rata ranked faculty members are those who teach a designated percent of a full-time faculty teaching load (ordinarily one-half) and assume other responsibilities of student advisement, attendance at University and department meetings, curriculum planning, and supervision of other department-related activities such as art studios, practicums and internships, radio and television studios. Pro-rata ranked faculty members are not eligible for tenure or promotion in rank.

Per Course Faculty

are those faculty members who ordinarily teach from one to six credit hours per semester and are not usually otherwise employed in the affairs of the University. They receive a formal appointment on a semester basis, provided enrollment justifies it at registration time. Lecturers are not eligible for tenure or rank.

Lecturers are required to hold at least a Master's degree or its equivalent and to show evidence of general scholarship and teaching ability.

Two categories have been established for lecturers: Lecturers Levels I through IV and Distinguished Scholar/Artist. Levels I through IV and Distinguished Scholar/Artist are mutually exclusive.

Level I is an entry level. Level II is entry level for those holding terminal degrees. Levels II, III, and IV are advancement levels for faculty who teach repeatedly and contribute to the respective departments beyond their teaching responsibility.

Distinguished Scholar/Artist are individuals who are well established and have significant experience and achievement as well as a national and/or international reputation in their own field. Individuals are invited or may be appointed. This appointment must be supported by the members and chair of the respective department, the appropriate dean, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Final approval for appointment for Distinguished Scholar/Artist rests with the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Affiliate faculty members are those part-time faculty members who are not directly reimbursed by the University.

Adjunct faculty members are those part-time faculty members who have full-time employment and rank at another institution of higher education. They retain their rank and will be designated as adjunct with rank (e.g. Adjunct Associate Professor).

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05/04/01 - Revision to include references to Lecturer Level IV and Distinguished Scholar/Artist approved by the President of the University as recommended by the Policy Committee of the University