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Student Health Records Policy

Policy Statement

All undergraduate and graduate students are expected to submit a completed health history and immunization record to the Student Health Services Office. Students who choose to use the Student Health Services Office must complete a health history and immunization record before non-emergency services can be provided. Resident students who do not submit the completed health history record may be required to live off campus.

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10/13/95 - Recommended to the President by the College Committee on Policy under the title Student Health Form and Immunization Policy
10/21/95 - Approved by the Board of Trustees, to be implemented on September 1, 1996, for undergraduate students and on September 1, 1997 for graduate students
05/02/97 - Referred by the President to the University Committee on Wellness and Health Promotion for further study.
01/22/00 - Repeal of the 1995 statement and approval of the new Student Health Records Policy approved by the Board of Trustees.