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The University MaceThe Marywood University Mace is made of gold-plated bronze and black walnut wood.

The staff of the mace is triangular in shape, representing the ideals that are found in the University motto: Sanctitas, Scientia, Sanitas (Holiness, Knowledge, Health).

The University Mace StaffThe head of the Mace is also triangular, spreading outward and upward toward Truth and Light. Cradled in and thrusting forth from the head of the Mace is the University seal. Its prominence and placement symbolize the University's leadership in the field of higher education.

The Mace was commissioned by the Marywood Alumni Association to mark the official inauguration of Marywood as a university in 1997.

The Mace was designed and executed by Sister Cor Immaculatum Heffernan, IHM, Professor of Art.





The Macebearer

Using the following guide, the Macebearer is identified from among full-time faculty members at the University:

1. Seniority according to the number of years served at Marywood.
2. If a tie exists, seniority will be granted to the faculty member with the highest rank
3. If a tie still exists, seniority will be granted to the faculty member with the greatest number of years holding onto that rank.
4. If a tie still remains, the Faculty Senate Executive Council will vote to decide between the potential candidates.

(Note: The Grand Marshall is selected using the same process after a list of volunteers is collected.)

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1997 - Commissioned by the Marywood Alumni Association
09/09/05 - Approved by the Faculty Senate and accepted by the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the President of the University