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Teaching Responsibility

Policy Statement

Within the context of the goals and objectives of Marywood University, the fundamental responsibility of the faculty is to enable students to develop fully as persons and also to develop special competencies for responsible leadership and service in meeting human needs. In order to do so, the teacher should be able to develop courses within a given area of expertise. The teacher is not only a purveyor of facts, but also a stimulator of insights and interpretations in the inquiring mind. The teacher directs the student in recognizing and using the intellectual heritage from the past and also in actively seeking new knowledge for the improvement of the human condition - individually and in its social dimensions. As a facilitator of the teaching and learning process, the role of the teacher may be fulfilled in the classroom, the laboratory, or other setting of inquiry.

More specifically, the teacher will effectively

plan, organize and execute instruction;
assess student needs and progress;
stimulate independent research;
create interest in subject matter;
devise appropriate assignments;
participate in evaluation of teaching.

The individual faculty member is a student leading other students, who engages in continued study and research, progresses towards advanced degrees, and maintains interest and involvement in the activities of professional organizations.

Through the University committee structure and other means, the faculty member is expected to contribute to the general development and improvement of the University and its mission in liberal and professional education. As an extension of that mission, the University recognizes the value of service rendered to schools, to business and industry, to various agencies, and to the public at large in the local, state, and national and international community.

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07/01/89 - Reaffirmed with publication of Faculty Manual