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Safe University Environment

Policy Statement

Marywood University, in keeping with its core values, should endeavor to provide a safe and healthy environment for its employees, students, and the general public. Violence, accidents, and diseases on campus or other areas controlled by Marywood University can result in both physical and psychological injuries to persons. Whether inflicted on persons or property, they can also affect the public perception of the University.

The Board of Trustees expects that the President of the University as chief executive officer will provide guidance to members of the University community on ways in which unnecessary risks and their effects on persons and property can be limited within the University environment. Published policies and procedures will document the reasonable care that Marywood University takes as a prudent employer to avoid exposing staff, students, and visitors to foreseeable risks, and to prevent unnecessary damage to University assets.

University policies will be based on existing laws and strategies to limit the potential of violence, accidents and disease and, if they do occur, to arrest their development. Where the law is silent on issues about which the University has concerns, it is expected that policies and procedures will be developed and implemented in a manner that reflects the Marywood University values expressed in the institutional Mission Statement and Core Values.

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10/20/01 - Adopted by the Board of Trustees and placed in Board of Trustees Manual
10/20/07 - Revised by the Board of Trustees to include accidents and diseases.