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Cultural Diversity Efforts

Policy Statement

The welcoming, inviting spirit that pervades Marywood University finds its truest identity in the universality of God's love. High value is placed on the dignity of every person and the development of human relationships, especially family values, through shared governance, inclusivity, non-elitism, an ecumenical attitude, and genuine interdependence at every level and in every endeavor of work, spirit, and celebration.

A culturally diverse campus reflects the world community. Within a global context, it recognizes and celebrates the similarities and differences among all persons, and provides a wide range of role models for students. It fosters an atmosphere of mutual respect, sincere dialogue, search for truth, and the protection of the rights of individuals.

The Board of Trustees espouses the virtues of multiculturalism, which is reflected in the mission statements of Marywood University and its sponsor, the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It therefore affirms its expectation that the President of the University, as chief executive officer, will continue to focus the efforts of the campus community on cultural diversity.

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0/20/01 - Adopted by the Board of Trustees and placed in the Board of Trustees Manual