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Strategic Planning

Policy Statement

The Board of Trustees of Marywood University espouses a philosophy of leadership based on strategic direction and major policy making that enforces mission as the central organizational focus.  Recognizing the effect of emerging realities, it adopted a strategic planning initiative for the institution's improvement and development.  It is expected that the President of the University will consider cyclical strategic planning a creative process of enduring importance, and will assist the Board to fulfill its responsibilities in that regard.  It is expected that all stakeholders in the University will be engaged in the process, and that the Board will be kept fully informed of progress toward the following:

review and affirmation of the core values held by the University;

review and validation of the mission of the Univeristy, consistent with an understanding of institutional identity, purpose, and uniqueness;

restatement of institutional goals and objectives in measurable terms;

in-depth analysis of the institution's strengths and weaknesses, looking to be responsive to both the opportunities and the threats in an assumed dynamic future environment;

implementation of the strategic plan following adoption by the Board;

periodic evaluation of progress toward institutional goals and objectives.

The Board of Trustees, in keeping with the Bylaws, will seek approval of the Members of the Corporation for any restatement of the Mission of the University.  Following formal approval, it is expected that the President of the University will see to promulgating it and enforcing it as the central focus in the operation of the University.

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01/18/03 - Adopted by the Board of Trustees