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Evaluation of Presidential Performance

Policy Statement

As a consequence of the Board's delegation of authority to the chief executive officer, the President of the University alone is accountable to the Board for total organizational performance. Annual and end-of-term reviews are based on the Board's expression of mission and goals, and Board policy including executive limitations.

  1. The President of the University is accountable to the Board as a body. The relationship between the President and any individual trustee is collegial, not hierarchical.
  2. The evaluation of the President of the University is a Board function. The procedural steps are decided by the Chair of the Board after consultation with the President. The reviews are based on presidential goals and objectives established by the Board. The end-of-term review, which occurs immediately following the first four years of a presidential term, results in a Board decision whether or not to recommend reappointment for another five-year term.
  3. The general intent of the review process is to support and strengthen presidential performance providing
    a time for the President to review goals and priorities;
    a process to assess presidential leadership;
    an opportunity to make suggestions that could enhance quality of leadership;
    a time to review salary, benefits, and possible bonus.

  4. The Board must seek the approval of the Members of the Corporation for reappointment to another five-year term or non-reappointment of the President of the University.


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01/23/99 - Adopted by the Board of Trustees and placed in Board of Trustees Manual