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Selection of Trustees

Policy Statement

As provided in the Bylaws, the selection process for a person to serve as trustee requires

  • that the name be placed in nomination by the Committee on Trustees,
  • that the nomination be approved by majority vote of the Board of Trustees,
  • that election of the trustee be by majority vote of the Members of the Corporation.

The above applies whether selection be to increase the number of trustees within the limit specified in the Articles of Incorporation, to fill vacancies created by expiration of terms, or to fill an unexpired term due to death, resignation, or removal of a trustee.

Confidentiality is expected, including discussion with a candidate of the possibility of nomination, until such time that the Committee on Trustees has made its final decision to move forward with a motion to nominate.


  1. The Committee on Trustees maintains an ongoing candidate list through a constant search to identify persons best able to serve the University at the trustee level.  Any person may submit the name of a potential trustee to the Chair of the Committee on Trustees or to any of its members, including the President of the University.
  2. During the fall of the year, the Committee on Trustees, fulfilling its responsibility to assess and appraise Board membership, identifies any number of persons it determines may best serve as trustees.
  3. By February 1, the Chair of the Committee on Trustees submits the Committee's list of possible candidates to the President of the Members of the Corporation.
  4. By February 15, the President of the Members of the Corporation notifies the Chair of the Committee on Trustees of any serious concerns the Members may have to any of the names submitted.
  5. By March 1, the Committee on Trustees makes its final determination as to which persons from the list of candidates it wishes to place in nomination at the annual meeting of the Board.
  6. By April 1, each selected candidate is contacted to determine the person's willingness to be placed in nomination.
  7. At the annual meeting of the Board, the Committee on Trustees moves to nominate each person who has agreed to it, and the Board votes to approve each nomination.
  8. The Chair of the Board seeks the vote of the Members of the Corporation for each nominee.
  9. Upon successful election by the Members of the Corporation, each new trustee is so notified in a letter over the signature of the Chair of the Board.

Should it become necessary to fill a vacancy at an extraordinary time during the year, the process to be followed will be as true to the ordinary procedures as possible.

The President of the Members of the Corporation is an ex officio member of the Committee on Trustees.  By virtue of this role, she submits resumes of Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Scranton, Pennsylvania, to be considered for trusteeship.

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04/24/99 - Adopted by the Board of Trustees and placed in Board of Trustees Manual