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Executive Session of the Board of Trustees

Policy Statement

An executive session of the Board of Trustees of Marywood University is a meeting or a portion of a meeting that is convened to discuss matters in secret. Ordinarily, attendance is limited to voting members of the Board. In the discretion of the Chair, others may be included; that is, special invitees when they can provide necessary information relative to the discussion, and staff members if they are necessary to perform clerical functions.

A motion adopted by majority vote is prerequisite to entering into an executive session. The reasons are stated in the motion, and only the subject matter referenced in the motion may be discussed during the executive session.

All persons entitled or invited to attend and all persons consulted or directed to prepare materials are expected to hold in secret all matters relative to the executive session.

Minutes of the proceedings of an executive session are not necessary. However, a written record of any official action taken, signed by the Chair of the session, is filed in the minute books of the Board of Trustees.

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10/20/01 - Adopted by the Board of Trustees and placed in the Board of Trustees Manual