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Minutes of Standing Committees of the Board of Trustees

Policy Statement

As provided in the Bylaws of the University, the President and the vice presidents serve as staff officers of standing committees of the Board of Trustees. The staff officer assists the chair of the committee in

  • setting meeting agendas,
  • providing the committee members with materials for meetings,
  • assuring that the discussions and actions of the committee are properly recorded,
  • and submitting minutes of meetings to the Secretary of the University.

As provided in the Bylaws, minutes of standing committees are to be promptly distributed to committee members and submitted to the Executive Committee. The Secretary of the University provides for timely distribution of the minutes and filing of the record copy.


The staff officer sends the record copy of minutes with supporting documents to the Secretary of the University within two weeks after the standing committee meeting.

The Secretary of the University

  • promptly mails copies of the minutes to the standing committee members and to the Executive Committee members,
  • files the record copy with supporting documents in the minute books of the Board of Trustees,
  • and enters the topics of discussion and action in the index of the minute books of the Board of Trustees.

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06/10/99 - Approved by the President of the University