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Doctoral Dissertations and Masters Level Theses

Policy Statement

Bound copies of doctoral dissertations are catalogued in the Learning Resources Center and retained there as part of the University's permanent collection. The Learning Resources Center also provides for access to doctoral dissertations in electronic form.

Master level theses and other professional contribution documents are retained in the students' respective academic departments for a period of five years. They are made available in the department office to students.

If a dissertation or thesis is judged to have significant historical or evidential value to Marywood, one bound copy is sent to the Archives of the University.


This policy is limited to theses and dissertation documents. It does not include other culminating activities appropriate to certain disciplines, such as works of art, recitals, internships, and the like.


The deans of colleges are responsible to see that one bound copy of each doctoral dissertation is sent to the Director of the Library and to the Archives if appropriate.

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4/23/07 - Recommended by the Graduate Curriculum Committee and accepted by the Director of the Learning Resources Center.
5/09/07 - Approved by the President of the University, to take effect June 1, 2007