Ph.D. Program in Strategic Leadership and Administrative Studies: Curriculum

PhD 2

Foundation Courses (21 Credits)

Course Number Course Title
SLAS 6001 Administrative and Leadership Theories
SLAS 6002  Ethical Leadership
SLAS 6003  Policy Analysis and Organizational Dynamics
SLAS 6004   Program Assessment and Evaluation
SLAS 6005 Organizational Budget and Finance
SLAS 6006 Administrative Law
SLAS 6007  Equity and Inclusion


Research Courses (18 Credits)

Course Number Course Title Prerequisites
SLAS 6008                                                               Qualitative Research Design
SLAS 6009 Quantitative Research Design 
SLAS 6010 Advanced Quantitative Research                                                                 Prerequisite: SLAS 6009
SLAS 6011 Statistical Analysis Prerequisite: SLAS 6009 and 6010
SLAS 6012 Pre-Dissertation Seminar Prerequisite: Having completed 45 credits of coursework
SLAS 6013 Qualifying Seminar Prerequisite: Completion of ALL coursework


Elective Interdisciplinary Courses (12 Credits)

Students can choose any four courses of the following elective online courses offered by affiliated departments:

Course Number                           Course Title Scheduling Department
BUS 542 Financial Planning and Management  Business
BUS 554 Policy Formulation and Strategy  Business
BUS 562 System Analysis and Design Business
BUS 563 Information System Database Business
BUS 581   Acquisition and Divestment Business
CJ 503 Criminal Justice Administration Criminal Justice
CJ 526 Race, Ethnicity and Criminal Justice Criminal Justice
CJ 598G  Introduction to Cybersecurity Criminal Justice
COUN 505 Career Development Counseling
D/OL 1164 Consultancy Project SLAS
EDUC 502 Multidisciplinary Foundations Education
EDUC 520 Universal Design for Learning Education
EDUC 554 Contemporary Learning Theories Education
EDUC 605 Communication Theories and Organizational Dynamics Education
ND 535   Organizational Leadership in Healthcare Nutrition
PADM 503 Human Resource Management Public Administration
PADM 508 Communication, Strategic Planning and Organizational Dynamics Public Administration
PADM 509 Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector Public Administration
PADM 512 Issues in National Security Public Administration
PADM 513   Introduction to Homeland Security Public Administration
PADM 515 International Relations and Globalization Public Administration
PADM 517 Intelligence for Homeland Security Public Administration
PADM 519 Crisis Mapping for Humanitarian Actions Public Administration
PADM 520 Emergency Management and Geographic Information System Public Administration
PADM 521 Negotiation, Mediation and Facilitation Public Administration
PADM 522 Information Security, Technology and Risk Management  Public Administration
SLAS 6014 Fundraising and Grants Writing  SLAS
Any other course offered by another department at the university and approved by the Program Director


Dissertation (Minimum of 9 Credits)

Course Number Course Title Prerequisites
SLAS 7000                                                                                                                         Doctoral Dissertation                                                                                                                                                                                                    Prerequisite: Completion of all coursework and successfully passing the Qualifying Seminar