Course Schedule


Summer I

Electives (offered by affiliated departments. See the electives list at the Curriculum page)

Summer II

Electives (offered by affiliated departments. See electives list at the Curriculum page)











SLAS 6001: Administrative and Leadership Theories

SLAS 6004: Program Assessment and Evaluation

SLAS 6006: Administrative Law

SLAS 6007: Equity and Inclusion 

SLAS 6008: Qualitative Research Design

SLAS 6009: Quantitative Research Design

SLAS 6010: Advanced Quantitative Research

SLAS 6012: Pre-Dissertation Seminar

SLAS 6013: Qualifying Seminar

SLAS 7000: Doctoral Dissertation









SLAS 6002: Ethical Leadership

SLAS 6003: Policy Analysis and Organizational Dynamics

SLAS 6005: Organizational Budget and Finance

SLAS 6011: Statistical Analysis

SLAS 6012: Pre-Dissertation Seminar

D/AL 1050: Qualifying Presentation (For D/AL curricular only)

SLAS 7000: Doctoral Dissertation

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