McGowan Medal

"Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards." (Soren Kierkegaard)


McGowan Medal 

The following criteria will be used to select nominees for the McGowan Medal in Doctoral Studies. Nominees will be evaluated on the extent to which they meet the criteria. The recipient will be selected based on their ability to excel in multiple categories. Candidate nominees are forwarded to each of the Doctoral Program Directors, and the final nominee will be selected by the Directors. 

  1. Quality of Dissertation/Doctoral Project: Projects should be worthy of publication, well written and executed. Mentors should provide a copy of the document’s abstract in support of their nomination.
  2. Originality of Scholarship: This includes innovative design, use of creative methodology, or application to a novel problem/population or emerging area.
  3. Impact of Research while Enrolled: The number of publication(s), conference presentation(s), poster presentation(s) made by the student while enrolled in their doctoral program will be considered.
  4. Leadership potential:  References should provide documentation of the nominee’s contributions to the community and outreach.
  5. Overall QPA: Supplied by the program director.


Past Recipients

2021: Caroline Millen

2020: Amy Washo and Ryan Leckey (shared)

2019: Stanley Kania