Student Research

Ashley Alfieri Carroll

Photo of Ashley Alfieri Carroll
Class of 2009

I am currently a math teacher for the Scranton School District. Some of my favorite Marywood memories were our math club parties and when we went to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics conference in Atlantic City.

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Several of our undergraduate students and alumni have presented at the Moravian Student Mathematics Conference.

  • 2021: Jack DeGroot and Heather Kwolek "A Mathematical Model for Forecasting the Spread of Covid-19 in Pennsylvania." Our team created a SIR mathematical model that utilizes calculus and a 3 x 3 system of first-order differential equations. We then used an iterative numerical ode solver to forecast the number of Covid-19 cases within a certain time period t within a set population in Pennsylvania.
  • 2012: Sarah Yuest and Amberly Warner presented their joint work titled "Hyperbolic Geometry."
  • 2012: Geri Smith gave a presentation titled "Fractal Geometry: History and Theory."
  • 2012: Corey Foote gave a presentation titled "The Pollard's Rho Method for Factoring Numbers."
  • 2011: Michael Kuniega gave his presentation titled "The Dihedral Group D_12 and Musical Transformations on Triads."
  • 2010: Kayla Troast presented her work on the stereotype threat for female students on their mathematical performance. 
  • 2010: Bradley Fenstermaker presented his research on modeling the outbreak of zombies and studying the chance of survival of humans in such a scenario.
  • 2007: Colin Conrad presented his work concerning k-semismooth integers. Colin's research has deep connections to cryptology, the science of code encryption and decryption.