Office of Global Education

The Office of Global Education is dedicated to offering international students, scholars, and Marywood's study abroad students a full and rewarding experience as members of the Marywood community. Our staff is available to assist with integrating our visitors to campus life at Marywood and to support students welfare and interests while attending our university.

Primary Goals

  • Create lifelong global leaders
  • Build and maintain an international community in a campus environment
  • Serve as an advocate for international and crosscultural experiences
  • Administer education abroad programs
  • Host and welcome international students, scholars, and visitors to campus
  • Promote and facilitate international partnerships and collaborations around the world

The Office of Global Education Actively Engages In

  • Operation of an International Student Orientation.
  • Advocating for issues specifically pertinent to international students
  • Contacts with health insurance programs offered by Marywood
  • Local airport pick-up on initial journey to the U.S. for students who will reside on campus
  • All planning and administration of Study Abroad programming
  • Guiding the planning of Faculty led and Short Term study abroad programs
  • Individual guidance and meetings with each study abroad participant
  • Study Abroad Class Presentations
  • Study Abroad Pre-Departure Planning

Office of Global Education Staff

Grissinger, Angela C
Kang, Dr. David
Zhu, Lijun

Welcome International Students!

We would like to welcome you to Marywood University and the United States of America. Over the course of your time here at Marywood, we are sure we will get to know you better and we hope to be a source of information and comfort to you while you are away from your home.

As you prepare to come to the United States, we are sure that you have many questions. Therefore we have prepared this guide for you which includes information on what you should bring with you, travel information, our weather, housing, health and insurance information, as well as checklists on what you need to do upon your arrival. This information should be of help whether you are a graduate student, an undergraduate student, or a student studying English as a Second Language (ESL) in our Intensive English Program (IEP).

Through this website you will find information that will guide you in planning your trip to America as well as a step by step process for acquainting yourself with the university and our culture. We can offer background on how to travel within the area and how easy it is to travel outside the area to such exciting locations as New York City, Philadelphia and Washington, DC. In this way, we hope that you might enjoy an extensive experience while you are visiting our country.

Marywood University also offers an excellent Intensive English Program detailed within our website. A number of our current undergraduates continue on at Marywood after successfully completing this program. Others study English here and return to their home countries better equipped to achieve success in the industry or profession that they have chosen.