Announcement: COVID-19 Procedures

August 17, 2020: Resuming Face to Face Procedures

Back in March of 2020, and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the IRB and ERC had paused all research procedures involving face to face, in-person activities (interviews, observations, paper surveys, lab visits, etc.). Notices were sent to all investigators who were utilizing such procedures, and announcements were made on both websites.

At that time, investigators were also allowed the option to switch to activities via a remote method, such as online surveys, online meetings, or via telephone. If they had not proposed this in their original application, they were required to submit a Revision Request Form and receive approval before implementation, with approval being contingent upon the sensitivity of the data and any added risk.

Now that Marywood University is open and operating under the HyBridge Model of Education, all face to face, in-person activities may resume if originally proposed and approved, so long as appropriate precautions are undertaken in alignment with Marywood University's "Ready. Set. Forward." plan, and with consideration for any local mandates in jurisdictions where the research will take place. If you are an investigator who had submitted a revision to add remote activities and wish to continue in that manner, you may do so if you were approved for the revised procedure.