Chronological History of Marywood

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For the first time, separate elections are held for the positions of Mother Superior of the Congregation and President of the College. Mother Marcella is chosen to be Superior of the Congregation, and Sister M. Sylvia Morgan, I.H.M., who taught all the Science courses offered when Marywood opened in 1915 and then became the first chairperson of the Department, is selected to serve as the sixth President of Marywood College.

Several contingents of United States Cadet Nurses attend the College for one semester of accelerated classes in a wide spectrum of courses. Later, Marywood will sponsor a complete nursing program of its own.

Sister Immaculata Gillespie retires after nearly thirty years as Dean, and Sister Cuthbert Donovan assumes the Deanship, beginning a term of service that will flourish for a quarter of a century.

The entire Marywood community is involved in the first Orientation Week to acquaint freshmen socially and academically with their new environment.