Healthcare Discovery Camp

photo collage of hands on healthcare professions

The Healthcare Discovery: An Interprofessional Camp at Marywood University was created to offer middle and high school students first hand experience in a variety of healthcare disciplines. The program offers students an opportunity to learn about several different healthcare fields including: art therapy, athletic training, counseling, exercise science, music therapy, nursing, nutrition and dietetics, physician assistant, psychology, respiratory therapy, social work, and speech-language pathology and how each discipline works together to provide optimum care for patients/clients. 

More importantly, students will gain hands-on experience in Marywood’s state of the art facilities in each of the healthcare professions. This includes, but is not limited to, art therapy experientials, wattbike testing, experiencing therapeutic Drum Circle activities, food science experiments, assessment techniques within the various disciplines, nursing simulations, listening to heart and lung sounds, practice with respiratory therapy equipment, biopsychosocial case assessment, and speech-language and hearing simulation experiences. The program emphasizes interprofessional healthcare and will conclude with an interprofessional activity where participants can apply the knowledge they have learned to a real life scenario. 

Content discussions and learning activities expose students to the qualities and skills that form exceptional healthcare providers. With the guidance of outstanding professors and experts in their field, students will explore their areas of interest, critically consider the characteristics and skills needed to be successful in those areas, and learn the value of interdisciplinary collaboration. The introduction to these professions prior to college enhances the understanding of the fields of study and educates the young public about what healthcare professionals do and how they do it.

Students are expected to actively participate in small and large group activities. Students are expected to attend all synchronous classes every day, arrive on time, and meet all academic obligations.