Office of Equity and Inclusion: Education & Training

Title IX Training

This training will provide an overview of Title IX, reporting requirements, confidentiality, retaliation, and the universities policies. Trainings can be customized for students, faculty, and staff.

Diversity Circles

Diversity circles allows people from different backgrounds to engage in topics related to diversity such as race, homophobia, gender and class. The idea is to cultivate diversity through dialogue and understanding. Participants are encouraged to speak from their own experiences to move the discussion forward. The discussion groups typically have 8-12 participants and meet for 5-6 weeks.

Ally/Safe Zone Training

"Safe Zone is a dynamic, interactive session that aims to create and support an environment that is safe, welcoming, and inclusive for LGBTQ+ individuals. The session includes activities & discussion around: inclusive and respectful language, the process of coming out, understanding sexual and gender identity, taking action on our campus, where to go for help and much more."

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Diversity Certificate Program

Coming Fall 2019

Talk of the University Discussions

The Director of Student Equity and Inclusion and the Dean of Students host a dialogue series called the “Talk of the University” that allows students, faculty, and staff to discuss local, regional, and national issues. Topics such as toxic masculinity, LGBTQA rights, veterans, disability issues, racism and discrimination have been covered in the past.

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The Escalation Workshop

“The Escalation Workshop is a film-based discussion that opens people’s eyes to the warning signs of relationship abuse. The workshop consists of a film, Escalation, followed by a guided discussion led by a trained facilitator.”

Diversity Award

Coming 2019-2020

Diversity Training

These trainings can cover a variety of topics which can be customized to meet your needs.