English: Writing Minor

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The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

Recommended by: Amanda Rosemergy

English: Writing Minor

Must complete a minimum of 18 credit hours in English:

ENGL 160: Writing Skills (3)

Any 5 of the following courses:

ENGL 450: Writing for the Social Sciences (3)
ENGL 460: Creative Writing (3)
ENGL 470: Business and Technical Writing (3)
ENGL 475: Composition: Theory and Practice (3)
ENGL 480: Advanced Writing (3)
ENGL 484: Political Writing and Rhetoric (3)
ENGL 485: Writing and Cultural Studies (3)
ENGL 490: Feminist Writing and Rhetoric (3)
ENGL xxxW: Writing Intensive Lit. Courses(s) (3-6)
ENGL 451: Internship (3)

English 160: Writing Skills is the prerequisite for writing-intensive literature courses, the internship, and all upper-level writing courses. Upper-level courses may be taken in any sequence.

Writing Minor Worksheet PDF