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English 451: Internship

See the English & Foreign Languages Department chairperson for a list of internship possibilities.

Kendra Rafferty '12: "I feel like my English classes have prepared me for the skills that are required daily when I am interning. I am reading a lot for content and clarity, but also writing using details and accuracy which I definitely acquired during my classes. I also feel that some other courses have been helpful, not only my English courses, but other courses such as math too. I am working on projects on the computer, specifically in Excel which requires me to be detail oriented and accurate. It's a wonderful experience because it gives me the opportunity to utilize my skills that I have been working on at school by incorporating them into a real life situation. I feel much more prepared for graduation and eventually finding a job where I will have to use these skills all of the time.

David Scarnato '12: The Yankees internship gives me the opportunity to deal with all aspects of what a media member would do for a professional sports club. I am a Media Relations Assistant, helping out the Director of Media Relations and Broadcasting, Mike Vander Woude. While he is calling games on the radio, I am either on the camera for milb.com or in the press box blogging, writing stories for the game day magazine Playball!, or operating the scoreboard. I meet all types of members of the media, like the sports departments from the Scranton Times, Times Leader, New York Post, YES Network, ESPN, WNEP, WBRE, and Blue Ridge Communications, as well as all of the radio broadcasters from the opposing teams, where I help them with whatever assistance they need. I have met professional baseball scouts like former Yankees great Roy White and Ryne Sandberg, a Hall of Fame member. I have interviewed top Yankees prospect Jesus Montero (slated to be the best catcher in the minors) I have also interviewed the president of the International League, Randy Mobley. I also spoke with former big league all-stars Kevin Millwood and Mark Prior. Plain and simple: I meet a ton of people who share their experiences. This was definitely a worthwhile experience. 

Noelle Kozak '13: "While interning for WVIA, I had the amazing opportunity to be able to work and interact with people every day. Whether it was through the daily office oriented work or simply talking with the many people who love public radio and television, WVIA allowed me to experience community from a whole new perspective."


135 hours = three (3) credits
Internship timesheet

1) Your internship is a job. Treat it so. You must behave in a professional manner at all times at your work site. Remember that you are representing the English and Foreign Languages Department and Marywood University. Dress appropriately, show up on time, follow directions carefully, and work hard.

2) Your internship supervisor must sign weekly timesheets. Bring signed timesheets to your English Department faculty contact. Timesheets are available in the English and Foreign Languages Department office, LAC 217

3) Keep a journal of your experiences. Consult with your English Program faculty contact for his/her expectations for the journal.

4) After you have completed your internship, you must write a five-page (or more) reflective essay. Consult with your English Program faculty contact for his/her expectations for the essay and its due date.

5) As much as it is possible, keep a portfolio of your work. Consult with your English Program faculty contact for his/her expectations for the portfolio.

6) Your English Program faculty contact may require additional work from you. Discuss this possibility with him/her.

7) Make sure that your internship supervisor and your English Program faculty contact have each other's telephone number and/or e-mail address. Make sure that each has your contact information.

8) If something happens that keeps you from going to work, inform your internship supervisor and your English Program faculty contact immediately. If your supervisor and/or the English Program faculty contact decide(s) that you have been absent too often from work, then you will earn an "F" for the internship.

9) If for some reason you have a problem with something at your work site, inform your English Program faculty contact immediately.

Enjoy your work.

Learn a lot.