Work Study Job Description

Student Office Assistant 2021-17

Department: Broadcast Operations


Monday through Friday, 11am - 1pm.

Description of Duties

The Broadcast Operations division of the Multi-Media Communication Department is responsible for assisting students with video/audio productions, coordinating room usage, and distributing various electronic and field production equipment for our Multi Media Communication students.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Perform office support tasks, such as, reserving audio and video production suites, and reserving and distributing electronic field production equipment. This position will also involve running errands for the Coordinator of Broadcast operations, and assist the Coordinator with any related duties as assigned.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Ability to handle multiple task at a time and independently prioritize work. Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail. Knowledge with Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Word and Excel is preferred. This position also requires a video and audio background and must applicant should know how to operate electronic field production equipment.


Ernie Mengoni, Kim Petro