Education Department: Faculty Accomplishments

Mark P. Murphy, Ph.D.



  • Murphy, Mark P. (2015). Conducting effective pre-observation conferences for teacher growth. The Pennsylvania Administrator (May), 35-37


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Jay Starnes, Ed.D.

Publications: National Board Certified Teachers in Pennsylvania: A study of Motivation and Persistence (2013) 

Tammy B.H. Brown, Ph.D.

Recent Publications: 

  • Arter, P.S., DeMatteo, F.J., & Brown, T.H. (2015). Additional preparation in meeting diverse needs: Does it make a difference?   National Teacher Education Journal, 8(3), 29-36.

  • DeMatteo, F.J. & Brown, T.H. (2014). Teacher perceptions of new literacies.   National Teacher Education Journal, 7(3), 31-36.


  • DeMatteo, F.J., Arter, P.S., Campenni, E. & Brown, T. (2015, April). Comparing teacher candidates’ knowledge, skills and professional dispositions related to exceptional learners. Presentation at Council for Exceptional Children Convention and Expo, San Diego, CA. (International).
  • DeMatteo, F.J., Arter, P.S., Campenni, E. & Brown, T. (2014, April). Cooperative teacher and university supervisor ratings: Comparing teacher candidates’ knowledge, skills and professional dispositions. Presentation at American Education Research Association Annual   Conference, Philadelphia, PA (National).