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New Teacher Support provides helpful links for new teachers, answer frequently asked questions, and provide a forum for new teachers to ask questions and get support from one another as well as seasoned educators.

Where can I find information about my certification status?

You may search Educator Certification status on the Pennsylvania Department of Educations website at Search for an Educator.

Visit our helpful links to find links to PA, NJ, or NY state certification information.

What’s going on with Act 48 credits?

Beginning July 1, 2000, Act 48 of 1999 requires persons holding Pennsylvania professional educator certification to complete continuing education requirements every five years in order to maintain their certificates in active status. Check out  Continuing Prof. Ed. Requirements.

To credit courses you take at Marywood to your Professional Education Record with the commonwealth (PERMS), be sure to submit an ACT 48 Release Form.

I haven’t found a job yet. Where can I look?

Many districts in PA have websites that list openings.  If you are interested in specific districts, their websites are the place(s) to start. For educators looking to teach in Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Department of Education now maintains a webpage called Career Opportunities to search by county and locate contact information for individual educational entities.

Here is one website listing vacancies all over the state:

Because there are many areas where teaching positions are in short supply, however, you may want to consider expanding your search to other parts of the country.  If you need help finding job listings in other areas, contact the department for guidance.

I need help with lesson planning. Where can I find that?

View the resources below for books and articles that may be helpful to you in planning high-impact lessons for your students. Also check out Marywood's standard template and guidance at:

Narrated Lesson Plan Tutorial in PowerPoint (.PPTX)

Sample Lesson Plan (.PDF)


I have another question that wasn’t answered here. Who do I contact?

Email the education department contact in the footer below.

How can I get my students to behave?

You can check out our “Classroom Management” suggestions on the links page.  You can also click over to  Discussions and browse through the Classroom Management discussion forum.  If you don’t find anything helpful, you can log in (with your Facebook, Google, Wordpress, etc. information) and post your own question.  Other participants in the discussion are new teachers like yourself, Marywood alumni who are veteran teachers in the NEPA area, and Marywood faculty.