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Work Study Opportunity

Reading is a key to success in education and in life. Unfortunately, many children fall behind in school because they do not learn to read early and read well. If you can read, you can help.

If you are eligible for work-study funds, you may apply to be a tutor with the America Reads program. We will match you with a child in the local community, and literacy specialists will provide training, guidance, and materials to make your tutoring experience both rewarding and effective.

Become a Tutor

Our education students have the opportunity to tutor in the after-school programs at the three Scranton United Neighborhood Centers.  Tutors need to have their clearances on file in the Field Experience Office in the School of Education and need to be eligible for Work Study. 

If interested, please contact Ms. Bernice Lukus at or 570-348-6211 ext. 2140.