University Standing Committees

Honorary Degrees Committee

Purpose & Function

The Honorary Degrees Committee assists the President of the University in the process of identifying noteworthy nominees for Marywood University honorary degrees. It reviews names of potential honorees nominated from the entire Marywood community and makes recommendations of meritorious candidates for consideration of the President of the University and subsequent approval of the Board of Trustees.


Provost (Chair)
President of the Faculty Senate or their representative
One full-time faculty member from each college

Faculty members are appointed by their respective deans.


Faculty members serve three-year terms with possibility of reappointment for one additional consecutive term.  Eligibility is effective again after a hiatus of one year.


Meetings are called by the Chair at least once each academic year if there are nominations.

Reports To

President of the University

    10/29/09 - Established by the President of the University as recommended by the Policy Committee of the University.
    10/26/17 – Proposal to revise the Description of the Honorary Degrees Committee to reflect changes due to Academic Restructuring, removal of the Academic Deans membership on this committee, and to clarify terms with respect to one-year hiatus after completion of two full consecutive terms was presented.  The President of the University approved the proposal as recommended by the Policy Committee of the University.