Athletic Training: Clinical Education

clinical experience preceptors

Marywood provides students the opportunity to participate in a variety of clinical education experiences through traditional and immersive clinical courses.

Clinical Requirements

Students are required to complete 1150-1445 of supervised clinical experience hours during their 2 years in the MSAT Year one in the program starts with a 2-week (80-90 clinical hours) fall sports preseason immersive experience where students will incorporate knowledge learned during their first summer in the MSAT program at a local college or secondary school. Fall (120-135 clinical hours) and spring (160-180 clinical hours) semesters follow a traditional class/clinical education schedule where the student will be spend time in didactic courses and at their clinical sites in the Scranton-Wilkes Barre area over each 15-week semester. During year two, the student’s clinical experience is entirely immersive and can be completed anywhere in the US.* Students will complete a 5-week (100-120 clinical hours) clinical experience during the summer in a non-traditional clinical setting, providing care to patients from non-sport activities. An 8-week (240-320 clinical hours) immersive clinical experience is completed during the fall semester, with didactic courses completed during the other half of the semester. The culminating immersive clinical experience occurs over 15-weeks (450-600 clinical hours) and is designed to enhance the skills and knowledge necessary for autonomous clinical practice after graduation.

*Students must identify non-local clinical sites of interest during their first year in the program order for the program administration to complete the process required to approve clinical sites and preceptors.


Kyle Barna, LAT, ATC, PTA
Scranton Prep High School

Maureen Burke, MS, LAT, ATC
Dunmore High School

Carl Andrews, LAT, ATC
Wilkes University

Ronnie Chastain, LAT, ATC
Clarks Summit University

Casey Martin, MS, LAT, ATC
Wilkes University

Camille Valvano, MS, LAT, ATC
Wilkes University

Elyse Wilbur, MS, ATC, CES, OTC

Micah Watts, LAT, ATC
North Pocono HS/MS

Haven Donovan, ATC
UHS- Binghamton

Luke Hensel, MSSM, LAT, ATC, SCC
Scranton Orthopedics

Jay Hubbard, MS, LAT, ATC, PES
UHS- Binghamton

Brittany Schlesser, LAT, ATC
North Pocono HS/MS

Christine Myers, MEd, LAT, ATC
Marywood University

Meghan Conway, LAT, ATC
Scranton High School

Raielle Novick, MS, ATC, OTC

Tom Nowakowski, LAT, ATC
Mid Valley High School

Heidi Peters, DAT, LAT, ATC
Abington Heights High School

Sam Pientack, MS, LAT, ATC
Lackawanna College

Shannon Vavalle, MS, LAT, ATC
UHS- Binghamton

Mike Sweitzer, MS, LAT, ATC
University of Scranton

Sara Tomasovitch, MEd, LAT, ATC
Lackawanna College

Tyler Brady, LAT, ATC
Wilkes University

Troy Olsheski, LAT, ATC
Western Wayne High School

Victoria Gillow, LAT, ATC
West Scranton High School