Web Staff: Shannon


Shannon Giedieviells

Web Design Specialist
Immaculata 90


Hi There!

I’m Shannon. During my time in college, I realized my ultimate passion was inspiring others through visual and digital art. I earned a B.A. in Communication Arts & Humanities with a minor in Digital Media from Keystone College. Shortly after graduating, I landed a dream job here at Marywood as Web Development’s Web Design Specialist & Graphic Designer in 2016... and it’s awesome! I help guide web content editors in the visual direction they wish to go with their sites, shoot video and photos, and make the website and the contents within exhibit a pleasing and modern aesthetic.

Altogether, Marywood is such a welcoming and warm environment. I’m always looking for new challenges to grow myself professionally and personally and working at Marywood has given me just that. I enjoy collaborating and working with constructive, positive, and energetic people.  So if you have an idea, project, or just want to take a moment to shoot the breeze, contact me at sgiedieviells@marywood.edu.


My experience in media/web/digital design dates back early on in my life. I have always been fascinated by digital art and how it can be utilized to effectively communicate messages. My favorite type of medium to express myself through is film. I have produced several short films during my time in college and never plan on stopping. I really love writing and producing instructional video tutorials as well. View them on my Youtube channel. I am a freelance Media Producer, so If you have a project, let me know!  Previously, I worked for Keystone College as a Media Services Student Assistant which prepared me incredibly well to step into the tech and media industries. I plan on earning my MBA from Marywood to solidify my skills, take on more leadership roles, and teach college courses.

Rad Facts

  • I’m a huge movie buff (especially horror films...shocker) so chat with me about new releases and the classics.
  • My last name is pronounced: Ged-vills
  • You can catch me in the office listening to Indie/Pop & Rock Alternative tunes
  • My hobby is filmmaking (like you couldn’t tell).
  • I play the drums, guitar, and piano. Music is my zen.
  • I read a lot about inspirational figures such as Alan Watts, Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Gautama Buddha, and Deepak Chopra.
  • I’m a fan of The Three Stooges, The Walking Dead, Stranger Things and 80's cult classics.
  • I like to browse funny Internet memes during the day. I think it’s important to laugh throughout the day to feel refreshed and ready to work again.

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