Mark Pitely

Web Developer
Immaculata 90


Mark brings a wide array of technical skills to the Staff; he is ready to help with all facets of the Web. Questions concerning 19th century literature or entomology will also be given due attention. He thinks the office should have a live tarantula mascot but he has sadly been outvoted.

I Recommend...

  • Firebug. A wonderful Firefox add-on to let you refine your webpage. It lets you edit and change aspects of the page 'live', without having to reload. Great for debugging and testing.

  • Gimp. Free photo editing program available to download.

  • Web Design is 95% Typography. Optimizing typography is optimizing readability, accessibility, usability(!), overall graphic balance.

  • FTP: FireFTP (for Firefox). Mozilla Firefox extension for file transfer for Mac and PC (free)

  • GPS Plotting Tool. Click on a point on the map to get the GPS coordinates.